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Personalized Ad Leader Aki Technologies Teams Up with Gopuff

Moment marketing leader to be Gopuff Ad Solutions off-platform retail media solutions provider.
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Retailers and brands have a powerful new ally now that Aki Technologies, the leader in moment marketing and personalized advertising, has doubled its retail media partnerships. The company today announced an official partnership with Gopuff Ad Solutions, which marks its second retail media partner announcement this year.

“As a company that delivers for our customers the moment they have a want or need, we appreciate Aki’s deep understanding of customers’ needs and mindsets,” said Andy Berman, VP of Ad Solutions at Gopuff. “We recognize Aki as experts when it comes to moment marketing, and we look forward to working together to innovate in this space.”

Both Gopuff and Aki are data-driven and conscious of deriving insights about consumer behavior to better serve audiences. Aki Technologies finds the optimal moments for retailers and brands to communicate with consumers through personalized advertising that drives meaningful connections, sales and loyalty. In the partnership between Aki and Gopuff Ad Solutions, Aki will leverage Gopuff’s analytics and insights to help Gopuff suppliers increase their sales across Gopuff’s website and mobile app. With Aki’s moment targeting, Gopuff and its suppliers will be able to target moments when consumers are most likely to be hungry, thirsty or otherwise motivated to buy certain products and need on-demand delivery.

To kick off the Gopuff partnership, Aki is launching an invite-only beta program for innovative brands that want the early mover advantage in retail media. This beta opportunity includes a seamless check-out experience that limits the steps required for shoppers to complete their Gopuff order. Several brands, such as Pepsi, are seeking similarly frictionless shopping experiences from their e-commerce campaigns.

This news follows Aki making headlines for powering another major retail media network, which gives brands new ways to engage with customers in a personalized and ultra-targeted digital experience backed by insight and analytics.

“Retailers are up against a lot today—from ever-changing consumer habits to the diminishment of in-app identifiers—and they’re looking for new and effective ways to connect with shoppers,” said Alvaro Bravo, Aki Technologies Co-founder and President. “We are taking Aki’s insights, data science and marketing expertise and empowering retailers and brands to better engage shoppers and, as a result, increase their sales and loyalty. We are excited to partner with Gopuff to build new capabilities.”

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