Pimly Launches The Product Cloud

Startup has raised $5M to eliminate data silos by enabling Salesforce to be the source of truth for product information

Pimly, the first ever Product Cloud, makes Salesforce the source of truth for critical product information allowing employees, prospects, partners and customers to become experts on product information.

Mike Milburn left his role as Chief Customer Officer working for Marc Benioff at Salesforce and teamed up with veteran Salesforce architect and entrepreneur, founder of Etherios and Aleysian, Mike Dannenfeldt to re-define Product Information Management. The platform is now live and generally available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

“Most Product Information Management (PIM) tools on the market introduce yet another data silo into an organization that only a small number of employees access,” notes co-Founder Mike Dannenfeldt. “By bringing a 360-degree view of product information into Salesforce CRM, Pimly solves the data silo problem and distributes always-on, always-accurate product information to all company stakeholders that drive results.”

“At Salesforce, we disrupted the global Customer and Field Service Industries, and we are doing it again with Pimly,” says Mike Milburn. “Salesforce is an incredible platform, since Pimly is built on core, (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning Commerce, Order Management, etc.) every user can get the benefits of Pimly with clicks not code.”

Pimly’s mission to build the next great B2B SaaS company, headquartered in Chicago, has been so enthusiastically received that Pimly completed a $5M seed round led by Mike Fitzgerald and High Alpha. Other investors in the round include Hyde Park Angels (HPA), Handshake Ventures, and Dan Dal Degan (CEO of SpringCM and former Salesforce EVP Sales).

Mike Fitzgerald, Partner at High Alpha shared, “Mike and Mike are proven business builders who have spent years laying the foundation for this business. Their vision for Pimly is grounded in experience serving sophisticated customers throughout the Salesforce ecosystem who need a new solution for managing product information. We are thrilled to lead the investment and support the team.”

“Pimly has an exceptional team that is disrupting a fast growing and dynamic market,” said Erik Severinghaus, the HPA deal lead. “I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with them to transform how customers interact with products digitally.”

The financing will enable Pimly to drive further growth in the Go-to-Market and Product Teams. Pimly will advance its technology in the Sales, Service, Commerce and Industry Salesforce Clouds to deliver customer success.

Seedbox Solution, an innovator in the agricultural packaging industry chose Pimly for its first Product Information Management System. Joe Waldman, Director of Growth for Seedbox Solution said, “We standardized our CRM on Salesforce and needed to enable our Sales and Services teams on our products. Pimly provides a simple way to unify all our product information including images, videos, technical specifications and installation information into one system. The DNA of Seedbox is our breadth of seed packaging products. Pimly furthers our commitment to our customers by having this data accessible to every employee 24×7.”

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