planetRE Announces AI Video Generation and Marketing inside CRM

New Features allow Real Estate Agents to use AI Avatars for Video Narration with uploaded Media Assets and full Video Frame Editing and syndication.

planetRE, the nation’s leading enterprise cloud vendor, announced brand new CRM capabilities for real estate and mortgage professionals to create Full AI Generated Videos using a library of AI Avatars and voices along with user uploaded contents like images, Video and text.

Realistic AI avatars trained with human like expressions and voices can for example narrate videos, presentations on new Listings, Open Houses etc. using uploaded background videos, imagery or text. A custom-built Video Timeline Editor enables editing of content images, video clips, music, graphics, brand, etc. that can be previewed right in the editor.

Users can easily add text, overlays, and titles, to move from one scene to another for a seamless flow of content within the AI video. Agents can create multiple projects, review the rendering before publishing. They can edit videos like a professional using crop, trim, rotate, add multiple scenes, with different avatar and voices.

Seamless integration within CRM and Zapier like tools in the works allow effortless distribution of AI videos via email, text or social marketing. Videos can boost engagement by driving more traffic with these eye-catching, innovative AI creations that helps agent stand out from the competition. With maximum flexibility and control, agents can develop new videos on-demand and update messaging for a fresh look.

“The new tool removes the costly barriers of traditional video production and editing by allowing users create professional videos quickly and easily, within minutes with no prior filming or editing skills,” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. “Agent marketing teams can unleash their creativity by customizing AI avatars to fit brand’s persona, while expressing any messaging through simple typed scripts.”

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