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Podco Media Networks Launches Two New Business Podcast Series: Demystifying Data And My First Job

New hosts bring active audiences that include influencers at iconic brands like Verizon, Heineken, CapitalOne, P&G, GEICO, Xbox and IBMWatson
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PodCo Media Networks™, Inc., a leading business podcast producer, announced the launch of two series today–Demystifying Data with Chris Clegg and My First Job with Jon Chang. PodCo picked the shows from dozens of pitches because they cover the world’s biggest business challenges and the hosts bring large audiences of influencers and household brands. PodCo will announce new business-focused podcasts monthly, with 30 shows launching over the next 18 months in areas like opportunity zones, foodtech, legal cannabis, Latin American entrepreneurship, agricultural technology, travel, and sustainability.

PodCo CEO Mark Reed-Edwards says, “We’re thrilled that Demystifying Data and My First Job joined the PodCo family. We’re creating content that listeners want and need to hear. In Demystifying Data, Chris Clegg will help listeners understand data and put it to use in their business. Jon Chang’s My First Job will share the fascinating origin stories of successful business people and trace their career paths.”

Chris Clegg, CEO of Portland Marketing Analytics says, “I’m excited to join PodCo as host of Demystifying Data. Data is a universal business challenge that many people face every day. There’s so much data streaming to us, yet there are few guides on how to put it to use. I hope Demystifying Data changes that. PodCo made launching a podcast easy. I’ve just focused on creating great content, and they took care of the rest.”

Jon Chang, Forbes 30 Under 30 and Head of US Consumer Growth for Klarna says, “Creating a podcast has been a long-time ambition of mine. I had an idea to talk with entrepreneurs to get their stories–and that became My First Job. We’ll hear universal stories with one central lesson–there are many paths to success. I’m happy to be producing this podcast with PodCo, which provided me with invaluable guidance.”

About PodCo Media Networks
PodCo Media Networks is the premier source for business-oriented podcasts that reflect the broadest possible spectrum of voices and topics in today’s fast-changing markets. The network has five leading podcasts: Confessions of a Marketer, #theipod – Innovation Podcast, Demystifying Data, My First Job, and Mondays With Roger. The company’s credo–ListenDifferent™–is borne out by its approach to content: With 20 new series in active development, PodCo aims to be the choice of a new generation of listeners who choose diversity in all areas of their lives and careers.

PodCo’s expansive catalog of business content will reach 3,000 episodes by late 2020. Its Podcast on a Platter™ system, market-tested editorial strategy, and highly scalable infrastructure make it easy for creators to start, scale and monetize their podcasts. The company also offers custom podcast services to enterprises and agencies across all verticals.

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