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Polygoons, Inc Enhances its Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology

Polygoons, Inc Enhances its Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology

Polygoons Inc. announces the upgrade of its immersive, augmented reality, mobile technology that is now capable of creating a whole new category of consumer advertising and product marketing, in addition to gaming.

Polygoons has developed proprietary technology, processes and methodologies to deliver a range of augmented and virtual reality experiences – gaming and custom applications, such as product demonstration, consumer marketing and newer advertising formats.

Polygoons technology demonstrator is a free download from Apple and Android stores as an FPS game.

Polygoons is developing a range of games to become a Publisher of immersive games.

Steve Chainani, Founder and CEO, reported, Polygoons, Inc is committed to the future of augmented/virtual reality as an enabler for gaming, marketing and custom solutions. It truly represents the next generation of experiential marketing where any product can be “virtualized” to the customers environment.”

According to Chaitanya Hiremath Founder and CTO, “We’ve standardized our Product Development methodology to create efficient deployment solutions that are timely and cost effective. We are developing applications on Oculus Quest. This helps us create immersive augmented reality experiences and hybrid solutions which are all within our range of core competencies. Polygoons is hiring and scaling up to address emerging market opportunities, in this nascent technology sector.”

About Polygoons:
Polygoons is an innovative, entrepreneurial start-up, with pioneering best-of-breed, Augmented and Virtual Reality technology.

Polygoons is based in Connecticut and has a development lab in India.

For more information, contact:
Steve Chainani
Polygoons, Inc
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