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Pontiac Intelligence Launches A Connected TV Bidder

An efficient and transparent DSP for buying Connected TV (CTV)
Pontiac Intelligence

Pontiac Intelligence, a modern and transparent programmatic advertising platform, announced the launch of a proprietary Connected TV (CTV) Bidder at the inaugural Pontiac Summit. Pontiac unveiled the newest ad buying technology product that enables advertisers of all sizes and budgets to purchase OTT and CTV across the connected TV landscape via Pontiac’s direct pipes.

Pontiac is empowering users to buy commercials on ad supported streaming services such as Discovery, Xumo, FuboTV, TubiTV, SlingTV, and others.

“The major DSPs have built battleships to handle the amount of traffic which comes from display, native, etc. CTV doesn’t need a battleship. It needs a speedboat, and our proprietary bidder is a speedboat that will be both more efficient and cost effective,” says Pontiac CEO, Keith Gooberman.

The CTV Bidder is part of Pontiac’s response to the cookie-less future and meeting the needs of advertisers. The CTV Bidder is focused on CTV Deals via a growing list of integrations, such as Magnite, Xandr, GlewedTV and more.

The CTV Bidder is available on a Bidder-as-a-Service model or a percentage of media model. Advertisers can manage campaigns on their own or with an account management team through a managed service offering. The CTV Bidder can be accessed via Pontiac’s transparent media buying platform at Pontiac.media.

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