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Posiflex Will Reveal Its New Product Line Based on Intel® Elkhart

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Posiflex Technology, Inc. – a world leader in designing and manufacturing POS machines, kiosks, computing, and self-service transaction equipment and peripherals – is going to roll out a slew of new products based on Intel® Elkhart Lake processors in Q2, 2022. The Elkhart Lake processor provides a maximum of 3.0GHz burst frequency, up to 50% improved CPU performance, supports up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, offers the capability to activate TPM 2.0 by BIOS, and up to two times enhancement in graphics from the previous generation. It meets the demands of critical real-time computing in applications spanning retail and hospitality sectors.

Posiflex’s new low-power consumption processor product lines include:

  • POS Terminal: The RT-2015-G2 and RT-2016-G2 both feature an ultra-slim and sleek look with 15” or 15.6” PCAP touchscreen that exhibits elegance. Its thin stature allows ample counter space and provides better cable management to deliver a truly clutter-free station. Its rear cover can be removed easily and without tools, thus allowing faster installation and easy maintenance. The RT-2000-G2 Series is taking POS terminal design into the next level, setting your brand image apart from the others.With durability, flexibility, and security built within a modern look, XT-3815-G2 & XT-3915-G2 & XT-3915IR-G2 are the ultimate POS solutions with choices of resistive, infrared, and PCAP touch within 15” screen. Their patented fan-free and adjustable foldable base designs allow them to run silently and operate efficiently in any harsh environment while their screen can be configured into various angles to interact with customers.Crafted with functionality and flexibility in mind, PS-3500-G2 Series & PS-3600-G2 Series are fan-free touch POS terminals with all the essential functions and capabilities to meet both retailers’ and consumers’ expectations. Equipped with an adjustable base, this terminal series enables the ultimate flexibility for space-limited environments. Furthermore, by separating a full set of ports into the top of the terminal, PS-3500-G2 & PS-3600-G2 Series provide extensive connections, easy accessibility, and reliable peripheral cabling.
  • All-in-one POS: Screen sizes ranging from 10”, 12”, or 14”, HS-3500-G2 Series offers numerous solutions for businesses with limited space to ones with busy traffic. It has a built-in thermal printer and comes with a modular design that allows it to integrate with a wide range of peripherals such as MSR, 2D scanner, Fingerprint Sensor, RFID Reader, and more. Its all-in-one compact footprint takes space saving to extremes and creates a clean, cable-free environment.
  • POS Box :The TX-2300-G2 Series is a multi-purpose control box that offers a vast range of I/O connectivity options including HDMI ports x 2 to connect POS peripherals, and can be used as a full-fledged POS Box, a Kitchen Display System (KDS), a digital signage controller, or any industrialized applications. It can connect to a series of POS peripherals and options for greater productivity and flexibility to fit in any store environment.

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