PostcardMania Hits Revenue Record in 2022 & Looks For Expansion


PostcardMania has again surpassed record numbers in revenue of $83.9MM in 2021, reaching $97.2MM in 2022. The direct mail marketing firm increased revenue by roughly 15% and has seen year-over-year growth despite challenging economic conditions. Most notably, PostcardMania’s technology-focused division, PCM Integrations, led growth with a 38% year-over-year increase in revenue over 2021.

Sales have continued to reach new heights for PostcardMania, reaching a crescendo at the end of 2022 as the direct marketing giant set new revenue records in quarter four for its best quarter to date and in December for its highest-ever monthly revenue.

PostcardMania’s fastest-growing division, PCM Integrations, provides direct mail automation to businesses looking to offer printing, mailing lists, results-based design templates, customization and mailing services to their customers through various software solutions. This area launched at the beginning of 2021, and has quickly grown revenues to multi-million-dollar levels since then.

One of the most in-demand solutions offered by PCM Integrations is a single, triggered postcards. For example, a business can:

  • Mail a postcard within 24 hours to every brand-new lead
  • Mail a postcard to a prospect that a sales person tried and failed to reach via telephone to remind them to call back
  • Mail “thank you” postcards to new customers who place an order.

These triggered mailings are an automated service that can be used by businesses indefinitely, creating a strong stream of revenue for PostcardMania. Other PCM Integrations services projected to perform well in 2023 are white-labeled storefronts exclusive to a business’s brand and customer base; API integrations that interface seamlessly within a business’s own CRM or customer software; and an easy-to-use third-party workflow integration capable of integrating with more than 200 CRMs through Zapier.

Looking forward, PCM Integrations expects to expand further in 2023 to help bolster current services and roll out new capabilities. The division’s staff numbers already increased 50% in 2022, and the area currently has multiple open positions. Additionally, PostcardMania hit its highest-ever staff count in 2022 at 350 employees, a 7% increase of staff overall compared to 2021.

PostcardMania will continue to bolster its flagship results-driven marketing product Everywhere Small Business to continue helping small businesses across the U.S. run competitively priced multichannel marketing campaigns that combine direct mail with digital advertising. The product continued to deliver enhanced direct mail results for clients throughout 2022. New iterations of Everywhere Small Business are customized to better serve some of PostcardMania’s largest industry partners, such as the real estate industry, home services industry, and dental services industry.

“I am still witnessing many small businesses struggling in our current economy,” Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa said, “So it’s more important now than ever to make the newest technological developments available to small business owners at a reasonable price so that they can compete with bigger companies with bigger budgets. I anticipate that our expansion of PCM Integrations, Everywhere Small Business, and other multichannel marketing solutions will take PostcardMania and our clients to new heights in 2023.”

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