Founders of Award Winning PR Agency Softscribe Inc. to Close After 20 Years

Board of Directors of Award Winning Tech PR Company Planned Closure Independent of Pandemic
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Softscribe Inc., a 20-year-old tech PR and marketing company with a vertical market focus, announced it is ending its run. Both founders confirmed the current pandemic was not the main reason for the decision, the timing is coincidental martech news.

“Our Board of Directors began discussing closure during our annual meeting in 2019,” said Michael Squires, Softscribe Inc. president and co-founder. “Closure was timed to support our clients through 2020 HITEC, which is traditionally in June. Bentonville, Arkansas, where we are now located, is the 5th fastest-growing U.S. city, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. New business opportunities opened up where we can be effective.” Squires began his hotel career in operations with Omni Hotels. He co-founded Softscribe Inc. in 1999.

Speaking of the current pandemic, Squires said, “Hospitality is a resilient industry full of innovative, caring people. It is one of the oldest industries in the world. It may have started during the Crusades in 1118 CE as the Knights Hospitaller order. Its original purpose was to provide aid and medical care to Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land¹. In some ways, we’ve come full circle with operators offering hotel rooms to essential, front-line workers and open as surrogate hospitals. The hospitality industry is here to stay.”

A rare privilege to work with exceptional client companies.
“It’s been a rare privilege to know, grow, and work with client companies that are exceptional in every way: tech innovation, company culture, kindness, and with seasoned leaders who consistently overcome business challenges,” said Julie Keyser Squires, CEO and co-founder of Softscribe Inc.

Ms. Squires noted two clients have been with Softscribe Inc. for 20 years. “Aptech Computer Systems, Inc., was our first client, followed closely by Maestro PMS. We highly value their friendship and the privilege to share work-life with all our client teams.”

Founders transition to real-estate and wellness practices like yoga studios.
Ms. Squires said the founders will transition to Softscribe Holdings LLC to focus on real-estate in Northwest Arkansas and wellness practices like yoga studios.

“All through my business career, wellness and yoga were a cornerstone of how I approached not only business, but also family life and parenting,” said Ms. Squires. “We have to be at our best to give our best. I find practicing yoga helps me be at my best. That’s why I am pivoting to yoga: to help people be at their best.”

Michael Squires said, “Northwest Arkansas is ideal for businesses like yoga studios and growing families that want affordable, comfortable home and business environments. Our transition to wellness practices and investing in properties that promote wellness is a natural one that comes from our years of hospitality experience.”

Although our business journey will continue elsewhere, hospitality will always be close to our hearts,” said Julie. Squires.

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