Press Hook new AI tool to speed journalists’ sourcing efforts

Press Hook

Press Hook, a tech-enabled media relations platform, released a new AI-powered tool to help journalists and content creators file source requests for their stories and get immediate recommendations and responses from brands and agencies who fit the search criteria.

With the new feature, journalists are able to speed up story writing by gaining instant access to a wider variety of expert sources. The tool removes the need for manual source-hunting, casting a wide net for journalists that can be easily narrowed down. Brands and agency users will also benefit from the feature, which will notify them whenever there is a source request that is relevant to their business. This service allows brands to focus their pitching efforts and build more beneficial relationships with journalists for future coverage.

The AI element is also capable of ‘matching’ journalists and sources automatically. If a source or a brand and its products are highly relevant to a specific source request, the platform will recommend that brand to the journalist immediately, increasing the odds of brand coverage with no additional effort. If a journalist finds a match, they can initiate a conversation and request product samples or other source material with a single click, drastically reducing the overall time spent on source-hunting.

The source request and pitching tool is powered by GPT-3, a state-of-the-art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. The model is capable of reading and writing human-like copy, and is used widely in language translation, language modeling, and generating text for applications such as chatbots and automatic email responses.

This feature is just the latest addition to the Press Hook platform, which is designed to help brands and agencies streamline and refine their media outreach capabilities. In recent months, the company has launched a free press release generator, which also leverages GPT-3 to enable brands and agency users to create engaging, media-ready content at the click of a button.

“Our goal has always been to make earned media more accessible and cost-effective for brands that deserve it, while helping journalists and content creators find relevant content faster in order to keep up with shorter publishing deadlines,” comments Michelle Songy, Founder of Press Hook. “Traditional source request methods are fine, but they’re time consuming and require a lot of manual effort on both sides to fulfill. Our source requests feature closes that gap, providing immediate AI-driven recommendation for journalists and smart notifications for brands. Over time, we’ll also be able to coach brands on the best way to pitch, making the tool smarter and more effective.”

Press Hook is a two-way media relations platform that invites brands (or their agencies) to pitch newsworthy stories, such as announcements and product launches, to an audience of relevant journalists and writers ready to create content. Brands can upload press kits and other relevant materials, making it easier for publicists and journalists to source stories and create content relevant to their readership.

The platform launched in 2020, and facilitated more than 5000 media placements in 2022 for its growing user base.

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