Press Hook Releases Free AI-Powered Press Release Generator

New tool will use artificial intelligence and autoregressive language processing to enable companies to automatically generate press releases for their products and services.
Press Hook

Press Hook, a tech-enabled public relations platform, has announced the launch of a free press release generator tool that will allow companies to produce rapid, automated press releases relating to their products or services.

The tool, which leverages artificial intelligence and autoregressive language processing models, will use deep learning to create human-like text in a single click, perfectly formatted to capture the attention of media outlets. Users will simply need to enter relevant details into a basic form, such as the brand or product name, a quote and a few short descriptions, and the generator will instantly create an engaging and highly readable formatted press release, complete with news summary, bullet points and website links.

The generator is powered by AI GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer), a state-of-the-art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. The model is capable of replicating human-written copy, and is used widely in language translation, language modeling and generating text for other applications such as chatbots and automatic email responses.

“We’ve written thousands of press releases over the years, so we know how difficult and time-consuming it can be for the average businesses to write compelling stories that are optimized and media-ready,” comments Michelle Songy, Founder of Press Hook. “We devised this tool to help businesses create engaging, highly readable content that’s formatted and ready for distribution, allowing them to focus on the content of their story rather than get hung up on how to tell it.”

The only data that needs to be stored by the online generator tool is the user’s basic contact information, alleviating any concerns businesses may have about privacy or the sharing of sensitive product details.

The free online press release generator tool is now available to use at:

About Press Hook and CEO Michelle Songy
In 2020, second-time entrepreneur Michelle Songy and her team brought their years of public relations and tech experience together to create Press Hook, the first marketplace that intelligently pairs brands and media. Prior to Press Hook, Michelle founded a mobile payment app, Cake Technologies, a company she sold to American Express within 3 years and experienced first-hand how difficult it was for a small business to access and afford quality PR, so she launched her own PR firm catered to startups.

By leveraging technology, Press Hook unlocks a new marketing channel for the 70 percent of small businesses that need press but don’t have the resources.

SOURCE Press Hook

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