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Prisma by Algemetric pioneering secure, privacy-preserving BI platform


Algemetric announced today their flagship product Prisma, designed to revolutionize secure and privacy-preserving data management, analytics and business intelligence. Prisma is currently the only solution on the market which allows for the encryption and processing of data at rest, in transit, and in use. Combined with Algemetric’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics, Prisma forms a new class of ubiquitous business intelligence solutions.

Algemetric’s commitment to innovation is evident in Prisma’s development, featuring proprietary machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models meticulously crafted through rigorous in-house research and development. This strategic approach not only ensures cutting-edge technology but also safeguards against vendor lock, and promotes transparency in the models employed.

The Prisma platform enables stringent and robust data security and privacy through Algemetric’s proprietary post-quantum resistant, fully homomorphic encryption and multiparty computation protocols.

Prisma is the very first business intelligence platform that is first and foremost, privacy focused. The platform has been designed from the ground up to be a secure and privacy-preserving BI tool.” – David Silva, Algemetric CTO

Prisma represents a revolutionary leap forward in business intelligence, delivering unparalleled security, privacy, and control. With Prisma, individual data points regarded as confidential, personal, and/or sensitive are never accessed by anyone, including Algemetric. The customer has full control of what data can be processed and visualized.

By combining comprehensive data encryption, advanced AI and predictive analytics, privacy-focused design and proprietary security protocols, Prisma by Algemetric creates a new class of business intelligence platform.

About Algemetric
Algemetric is a leading expert in secure and privacy-preserving data management and business intelligence solutions. We reconcile data utility with security and privacy. We protect data at rest, in transit, and in use through powerful, scalable, and user-friendly data solutions. These are underpinned by robust cryptographic protocols, advanced analytics, and next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence. Algemetric strives to be the world’s most efficient and innovative provider of secure and privacy-preserving data-centric solutions.

About Prisma
Prisma is Algemetric’s secure and privacy-preserving data management and business intelligence platform. Prisma handles data collection, preparation, and visualization for providing insights, analytics, and intelligence from multiple independent data sources in a unified way. It provides the flexibility to handle arbitrary formats and complex patterns, ensuring that these datasets are informative and secure.

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