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Project Prarambh: by IIDE to Digitally Transform Non-Profits

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In an attempt to grow their online presence during Covid, several Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) and Non-Profit Organisations such as the Indian Cancer Society, Organisation for Rare Disease (ORD), and Cure SMA partnered with IIDE to learn digital skills.

For the last 2 years, many sections of the community including PAGs have been struggling. According to a study conducted by Ashoka University, the largest problem faced by the patient groups during the pandemic has been the reduced reach of their awareness campaigns.

Since traditionally these non-profit organizations have relied on offline activities and drives to spread awareness, the post-Covid era has made it impossible for them to continue with the same approach.

Digital awareness and outreach methods have many benefits including cost-effectiveness and precise targeting, which makes them far more appealing in the longer run. As a result, many PAGs are eager to go online – and many of them have already started their digital journeys with IIDE.

Launched in 2020, Project Prarambh is an initiative spearheaded by the digital marketing institute to help upskill the non-profit sector with the latest digital skills.

“It all started when the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) reached out to us to learn digital marketing for creating a robust online presence,” recalls Meherzad Karanjia, the Chief Learning Officer of IIDE. He added, “As we were training ICS, we realized that ‘going digital’ is of utmost importance for everyone.”

Since then, more than 10 PAGs have taken part in the program. IIDE’s initiative has even gotten the support of industry leaders including Pfizer.

As the main aim of the non-profits is to spread awareness, the training focuses on equipping them with the right tools for the job. They are trained in running successful online seminars and digital outreach techniques, enabling them to maximize their reach digitally and even go global.

Furthermore, the program covers multiple skill modules such as creating a secure online payments portal, ranking in the right places on Google Search, awareness creation through social media, digital PR, etc. These digital skills also form the pillars of digital marketing in today’s world.

Swamy C. J., the Head of Operations at ORD (Organisation for Rare Diseases) India, had this to say about their experience as a part of the project, “Since ORD focuses on persons with rare diseases, we work with extremely niche parts of the population and outreach activities have always been difficult. After Project Prarambh, we were able to conduct more than 150 online webinars involving highly specialized doctors and researchers from across the world. This is due to the new digital skills that have helped us expand our reach in a highly cost-effective manner.”

The Head of Corporate Training at IIDE, Megha Agarwal, elaborated, “We strive to upskill the entire ecosystem with digital skills – be it employees, entrepreneurs, doctors, influencers or promoters. These skills involve learning how to think, act and thrive better in today’s digital world. Project Prarambh is one such effort from our end to upskill patient groups across the country. We are also very thankful to Pfizer for supporting this initiative.”

She further added that each training program is specially curated to help the organization achieve its desired outcome.

IIDE is a trusted digital marketing training provider and has worked with many industry giants like Volkswagen, Cipla, Abbott, Godrej Professional, World Bank, Mahindra and Mahindra, Asian Paints, etc. to increase their presence online.

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