Propel Launches AI Media List Builder for More Precise PR Outreach

This newest Amiga-powered feature utilizes generative AI to create full media lists of highly relevant people in the media, saving PR professionals entire days worth of time per mont

Propel, the leader in PR Management (PRM) technology and creator of Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI), has announced the launch of the world’s first AI powered media database, powered by its Artificial Media Intelligence Generator Assistant (Amiga). The database solves the PR industry’s time consuming pain point of manually creating media lists by suggesting relevant journalists to pitch as well as suggesting to communications professionals journalists with similar interests across media outlets and types.

One of the most important aspects of PR is determining the right people to send a pitch to. However, this is also one of the most tedious parts of the profession, with many in PR manually inputting journalist information into simple spreadsheets in a process which can take upwards of six hours. This is because the process of creating a media list involves researching journalist beats, hunting for email addresses, and manually inputting all the information into simple spreadsheets. Due to this task’s frustrating, slow, and monotonous nature, sometimes journalists with little relevance to the subject being pitched are added to these lists, a practice which unfortunately leads to spray and pray tactics that don’t yield results.

Understanding this, Propel developed the Amiga powered AI journalist database and media list builder, a tool to enable PR professionals to find the most relevant people in media to pitch their stories to within seconds. Built by Propel’s in-house team of AI engineers, it does this by leveraging Propel’s immense dataset of approximately one million journalists and over 500,000,000 articles to determine the most relevant journalists for the list. All a PR professional needs to do is input a pitch, press release, key words, or even just a company’s name, and the AI will create a list of relevant journalists. It does this by leveraging the company’s dataset of journalists and their articles, and then analyzes journalist beats in detail to determine who to put on the list, sorting them by whose beat would be most relevant for the story. The list builder can build lists of between 10-75 journalists.

“While one of the most important aspects of PR, building media lists is a grueling, time consuming process that many in the industry dread having to do,” said Zach Cutler, CEO and Co-Founder of Propel. “Creating just one carefully crafted list for one client can take over half a work day, taking time away from strategizing or building media relationships. Having dealt with this challenge as the former owner of a PR firm, I understand how frustrating this pain point can be. That’s why Propel set to work developing Amiga powered media database and media list builder from the moment it became technologically feasible. I’m sure this new offering will soon become an essential tool in every communication professional’s toolkit, ensuring they have only the most relevant journalists on their media lists while saving them entire days worth of time per month to focus on the core aspects of PR.”

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