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PulsePoint announced the availability of new social capabilities

CMI Media Group Partnership Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Social to Drive Script Lift Among Key HCP Audiences

PulsePoint, a technology company revolutionizing health decision-making, announced the availability of new social capabilities to engage and measure authenticated healthcare professionals (HCPs) during brand-relevant moments on Meta — the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. By integrating HCP Social within programmatic omnichannel campaign strategies, marketers can improve engagement with HCPs during both free time and work time.

While brands have been able to run direct social media campaigns targeting HCPs in the past, PulsePoint’s new HCP Social solution offers the additional benefits of authenticated NPI targeting, omnichannel activation, and measurement available directly in the PulsePoint platform. Using campaign physician-level data (PLD) provided by PulsePoint, the CMI Media Group team was able to demonstrate that the Meta/Facebook campaign drives reach and engagement across key HCP audiences.

Over the last three years, PulsePoint and CMI Media Group have established a robust strategic partnership. As a result, these teams were able to evaluate the impact of this solution on HCP engagement and prescribing behavior for a leading brand treating Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA), a condition often misdiagnosed due to lack of awareness among physicians. After leveraging social media as part of an omnichannel engagement strategy to promote the brand’s condition education content, and utilizing PulsePoint’s advanced targeting and measurement tools, the campaign clickthrough rate (CTR) improved, and of the NPIs that clicked and prescribed, 8% were new brand prescribers (NBRx).

Walter Schmidli, VP, Paid Social at CMI Media Group, lauded the collaboration, stating, “HCP-specific insights for traditional social platforms have been historically limited, and we are excited to gain a deeper understanding of the channel’s role in an HCP’s journey through this partnership with PulsePoint.”

CMI Media Group’s 2023 Media Vitals survey reported that 70% of HCPs are active on social media monthly, with 43% reporting daily usage, making social media an attractive engagement opportunity for HCP marketers to reach relevant audiences within the vast addressable social universe. Social also reaches HCPs in moments outside of work, when they are open to engaging in brand awareness and educational messaging.

Andrew Stark, Chief Commercial Officer at PulsePoint, emphasized the strategic benefits of integrating social channels as a key component of an omnichannel approach, stating, “Our solution breaks down the barriers that traditionally arise from planning and executing social media budgets separately from other addressable channels. With our data foundation and insights around HCP behaviors, brands can target the most relevant HCP audiences with precision and measure the impact of their campaigns in driving real-world outcomes.”

Additional social channels are being integrated onto the PulsePoint platform in the coming months.

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