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AdTheorent and Miles announce campaign results for VISIT FLORIDA

Cross-Device Campaign Drove 363% Sales Lift and $67M in Incremental Sales Resulting in a 513X ROAS

AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADTH), a machine learning pioneer using privacy-forward solutions to deliver measurable value for programmatic advertisers, and Miles Partnership, a strategic marketing company focused exclusively on travel and tourism, today announced campaign results from the VISIT FLORIDA Sun Seekers digital advertising campaign. The campaign goal was to drive visitation to and purchases in Florida, as well as a positive return on ad spend (RoAS). Utilizing AdTheorent’s Destination Sales Lift 360, the campaign drove a 363% sales lift and $67M in incremental in-market sales and yielded an overall campaign RoAS of 513X.

The Approach:
AdTheorent leveraged a mix of cross-device rich media display tactics, targeted using AdTheorent’s advanced predictive advertising platform. AdTheorent developed custom machine learning models fueled by non-individualized statistics to identify and reach consumers with the highest likelihood of visiting Florida and making purchases there.

During the campaign, AdTheorent’s custom predictive models considered hundreds of data signals to engage VISIT FLORIDA’S target audience, which included travel intenders residing in key geographies such as drive markets within 900 miles of the Florida border as well as competitive conquesting markets. AdTheorent’s custom predictive models considered data elements such as ad position, publisher, geo-intelligence, non-individualized user device attributes, location DMA, time of day, connection signal and many others. Additionally, the ML models analyzed real-time contextual signals to target consumers showing travel interest, as well as consumers specifically interested in travelling to alternative destinations. AdTheorent used transaction-based data to optimize campaign performance during the campaign, and, post-campaign, AdTheorent measured the impact of the campaign on sales within the destination, including attributed sales by merchant category (lodging, dining, etc.).

“VISIT FLORIDA is committed to not only driving visitation to Florida, but also showing the value of our marketing efforts and the impact they have on Florida’s tourism economy. Our digital advertising has to work harder for us by providing inspiration to visit and converting to sales,” said VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO Dana Young. “Our partnership with AdTheorent was successful at driving incremental visitation and commercial activity in Florida, measuring sales lift and resulting in an incredible return on ad spend for VISIT FLORIDA.”

The Results:
The campaign was successful in identifying qualified consumers and driving purchases in Florida, resulting in:

  • $67M in incremental sales
  • 363% sales lift compared to the control group
  • 513X total campaign RoAS

Attributed incremental sales by top VISIT FLORIDA partner verticals included:

  1. Restaurants and bars: 27%
  2. Hotels: 17%
  3. Food stores: 12%
  4. Clothing stores: 8%
  5. Interior furnishing stores: 5%

“Driving advanced business outcomes like incremental in-market sales is AdTheorent’s specialty; our machine learning-based media buying platform operates on a massive scale, evaluating millions of impressions per second based on 1000+ data attributes, identifying correlations among past conversions to optimize current ad targeting,” said James Lawson, CEO at AdTheorent. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Miles Partnership and proud that we drove meaningful incremental revenue for VISIT FLORIDA and its partners, delivering a 512.7X return on ad spend.”

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