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PwC & Fusion Risk Management Form Strategic Multi-Region Alliance

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Fusion Risk Management

Fusion Risk Management, Inc. (“Fusion”), a leading provider of operational resilience, business continuity, and risk management software and services, today announced a multi-region alliance with PwC to allow businesses to meet key operational resilience objectives. The strategic alliance will allow clients to understand the interdependencies of their most critical business services and assets, generate strategic insights to power informed business decisions, and minimize the impact of business disruptions to drive sustainable growth.

The need for robust operational resilience has never been greater as companies navigate the rapidly evolving business environment and realize that ongoing disruptions have become part of business as usual. Organizations require strategic insights to power data-driven risk management decisions that help them to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and learn from disruptions; minimize downtime; and enable their business to thrive.

The alliance brings together PwC’s proprietary operational resilience methodologies and Fusion’s market-leading data analytics and automation to help organizations meet their operational resilience goals. The combined solution helps clients identify and solve problems across people, processes, technology, data, and supply chains. The Fusion Framework® System™ allows organizations to aggregate data from different silos and technologies within their organization and transform data into actionable insight that clients can use to protect their organization as well as deliver on their brand promise through business disruption.

The partnership will provide clients with:

  • Streamlined activity – Eliminate organizational data silos to improve data quality and efficiency.
  • Operational dependency visibility and management – Prioritize critical data and asset resilience by eliminating organizational silos.
  • Holistic operations management – Visualize vulnerabilities across the organization and prioritize investment on critical services that directly impact customers.
  • Stress testing – Automate end-to-end stress testing to provide situational modelling of a potential business impact.
  • Streamlined resilience – Transform business continuity plans into actionable business insights.

“As the risk landscape continues to evolve, businesses realize that they must have an agile and flexible operational resilience framework to navigate through times of disruption and drive sustainable growth,” said Michael Campbell, CEO of Fusion Risk Management. “Static plans are insufficient and cannot deliver the actionable insights these businesses require. They must have the insights to develop dynamic plans to address the risks and disruptions that have become the new business as usual as well as make informed risk management decisions. By working with PwC, we can help our clients become more risk aware and resilient as well as provide them with the comprehensive tools they need to solve problems across critical business functions.”

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