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Qualified unveils Piper: Your New AI SDR


Qualified, the PipelineAI™ platform, announced Piper, the AI SDR. Piper works across your entire website, either autonomously or in concert with your existing SDR team, and serves completely bespoke selling experiences designed to generate pipeline. This breakthrough AI technology is designed to help B2B marketers grow their pipeline generation in an intelligent, scalable way. Today’s announcement at the company’s live Product Reveal Event demonstrates its commitment to shaping the future of pipeline generation with automation and AI.

AI Presents Tremendous Opportunity for B2B CMOs

It’s been an incredibly difficult time to be a B2B CMO. Program budgets, marketing teams, and sales development rep (SDR) resources have been cut, but pipeline targets continue to rise. A recent study of 500 B2B CMOs by Qualified Labs reported that 88% of marketing leaders have fewer resources, but higher pipeline targets, compared to last fiscal year.

In parallel, AI technology has presented tremendous opportunities for innovation, productivity, and scale. What began as a flurry of generative AI technologies has quickly evolved into something much bigger: AI workers. AI workers can do the job of one specialist on a massive scale and have emerged in almost every trade, from AI software developers to AI lawyers. The role of the B2B SDR, responsible for qualifying and converting a large volume of inbound leads on the website, is ripe for AI empowerment.

Piper, the AI SDR, Has One Mission: Pipeline Generation

Qualified’s launch of Piper, the AI SDR, allows revenue teams to intelligently identify, engage, and convert website visitors into quality pipeline–all automatically without adding any headcount. This added power provides more pipeline coverage and allows human SDRs to focus on higher value tasks.

“As B2B CMOs stare up at giant pipeline targets, every forward-thinking marketer is asking ‘How can AI help me hit my pipeline number?’” said Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO, Qualified. “Piper, the AI SDR, is the new rep at the top of your leaderboard. This is an always-on pipeline generation and is the future of selling.”

New Innovations Enable Intelligent, Scalable Pipeline Generation

Piper, the AI SDR, expands the power of Qualified’s PipelineAI™ platform. New capabilities include:

  • New! Piper, your AI SDR: Piper is a hyper-intelligent, perfectly onboarded AI SDR that works around the clock to engage website visitors and generate pipeline.
  • New! Qualified AI Conversations: Piper can serve as your human SDR’s copilot to help them have faster, smarter conversations with new features like AI Pounce, AI Suggest, AI Expand, and AI Tune.
  • New! AI Meetings: Piper can qualify buyers and schedule sales meetings with the appropriate account representatives, based on advanced routing rules and data from your go to market systems, directly on the website.
  • New! AI Offers: Piper can reference your entire library of offers, from free trials to upcoming events, and serve each buyer with an offer perfectly suited for them based on their unique criteria and buying intent.
  • New! AI Signals: Piper can access account-based, predictive intent signals, informing its prospecting efforts.
  • New! Qualified AI Studio: Setup AI Studio with your most valuable website content, messaging snippets, and FAQs, helping you onboard Piper just as you would your new sales reps and shaping on-message engagements.
  • New! Qualified Automated Workflows: A new addition to the Qualified Platform, on which Piper runs, Automated Workflows enable it to work alongside complex business logic.

Piper, your new AI SDR, is generally available. It is included in Qualified PipelineAI Enterprise plans, and available as an add-on in Qualified PipelineAI Premier and Growth plans.

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