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Zendesk unveils industry’s most complete service solution for AI era

CX leader launches AI agents, agent copilot, and AI-powered Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) to power exceptional service

Relate global conference, Zendesk announced the world’s most complete service solution for the AI era. With support volumes projected to increase five-fold over the next few years, companies need a system that continuously learns and improves as the volume of interactions increases. To help businesses deliver exceptional service, Zendesk is launching autonomous AI agents, workflow automation, agent copilot, Workforce Management (WFM) and Quality Assurance (QA) capabilities – all powered by Zendesk AI.

“We’ve known for years that minimizing customer effort is one of the strongest drivers of satisfaction and believe AI has massive potential to make the customer experience simpler and more enjoyable,” said Tom Eggemeier, CEO, Zendesk. “That’s why we’ve seamlessly integrated AI into our products in a way that enables businesses to deliver proactive, personalized service that, above all else, makes it easier for the human on the other end.”

Zendesk AI, the fastest adopted product in the company’s history, is now used by thousands of companies to manage service quality and accelerate business growth. It automates up to 80 percent of support requests and generates a three-fold increase in immediate, automated resolutions. This contributes to a 30 percent decrease in resolution times and helps agents be at least 10 percent more productive.

“Zendesk AI will provide value by automating tasks and routing tickets, allowing us to respond to customers faster and enabling our associates to focus on high-value activities such as proactive sales motions,” said Alicia Monroe, Regional CIO at Ingram Micro. “With Zendesk, we’ve seen increased productivity for our own associates and improved optimization of our operations overall. As more teams adopt Zendesk, that efficiency has grown, which is a foundational element to provide the best experiences for our customers, vendors, and associates.”

Next generation AI Agents and Agent copilot transform CX into a competitive advantage

AI agents are not just a tool, but a necessary and fundamental shift in how businesses engage with their customers. Zendesk is launching AI agents that autonomously interact with customers and provide end-to-end resolutions for both simple and complex inquiries. These AI agents are highly sophisticated, integrate with any knowledge base and offer full customization to handle intricate use cases.

Zendesk is also introducing Agent copilot, a proactive guide that continuously learns from past experiences to help human agents streamline workflows, anticipate customer needs, and improve future interactions. With Agent copilot, human agents can be more efficient and deliver faster, more accurate resolutions to increase customer satisfaction. Additional AI-powered capabilities announced include:

  • Personalized intents to provide agents with a granular understanding of unique customer needs to deliver more accurate answers and higher quality service.
  • More advanced generative AI tools that give admins easy ways to create robust knowledge bases and use generative search, boosting service efficiency and quality.
  • New AI reporting to allow leaders to track and measure key KPIs and AI predictions, enabling businesses to measure impact and optimize operations.

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