Quantzig enhanced Customer Conversion for E-Commerce Retailer with AI


Quantzig, a leading global analytics and advisory firm, collaborated with a leading E-Commerce retailer to boost their customer conversion rate using cutting-edge AI. Despite having a vast product portfolio and a significant online presence, they struggled to maximize customer conversion rates and were determined to increase conversions with AI.

The retailer found it challenging to provide personalized shopping experiences to individual customers, leading to a lack of relevance and engagement for potential buyers. The absence of real-time insights into customer behavior hindered the retailer’s ability to make data-driven decisions and respond promptly to market trends. Their existing customer segmentation strategies were not yielding optimal results, making it difficult to target the right audience with tailored marketing efforts.

Quantzig’s team of AI experts and retail analysts collaborated closely with the client to deliver innovative solutions to overcome their challenges. By leveraging predictive analytics, we helped them gain valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing them to proactively identify potential churn and take measures to retain valuable customers. Our team implemented dynamic pricing algorithms, analyzing real-time market data and competitor pricing. Our AI-driven chatbots helped the client to offer personalized product recommendations to their clients and answer their queries on time.

The above solutions resulted in:

  • 25% boost in customer loyalty
  • 30% increase in customer engagement through data-driven campaigns
  • With AI-Powered Chatbots, response time is reduced by 40%

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