Qumu Partners with hihaho to Bring More Engagement to Videos

Interactivity Extends Uses for Qumu Customers’ Video Assets

Qumu Corporation (Nasdaq: QUMU), the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise video technology, and hihaho, the leading platform for creating interactive videos, today announced that Qumu customers can now take full advantage of hihaho’s unique do-it-yourself capabilities for adding interactive elements to videos housed on the Qumu Video Engagement Platform. The new interactive capabilities are enabled by the Qumu Video Engagement Platform’s open application programming interfaces (APIs), which hihaho has leveraged to allow interactive elements to be easily incorporated in on-demand videos.

“We know that viewer engagement with on-demand video is substantially enhanced when viewers can respond to embedded prompts or choose their own paths through a video’s content,” said Rose Bentley, Qumu’s president and chief executive officer. “Hihaho’s easy-to-use capabilities give our customers powerful new tools to make their videos more effective at informing, persuading, converting sales prospects and more. Today’s announcement is another example of how we work with technology partners to extend what customers can do with the Qumu Video Engagement Platform.”

Jeroen Krouwels, chief commercial officer at hihaho, said use of on-demand video for applications ranging from employee onboarding, marketing, e-commerce and learning to compliance certification and self-service help desks has grown explosively. “In all these applications, adding appropriate interactive elements to a video – whether as simple as a table of contents or elaborate as polls, quizzes or branched scenarios – can enrich the user experience and optimize intended communication outcomes,” Krouwels said.

Do-it-Yourself Simplicity for Transforming Linear Videos into Interactive Assets

Until recently, building true interactivity into on-demand video assets required significant production or post-production expenditures and technical expertise. Hihaho has upended that proposition, making adding interactive elements to existing videos as easy as updating a presentation. To take advantage of hihaho’s tools, customers simply select a video from their Qumu database, add the desired interactive elements, publish the video to their desired channels and then track and trace viewer behavior directly from their browser. Users can also create multiple layers on the same source video, customizing on-demand videos for specific audiences or multiple languages.

Hihaho enables and supports multiple interaction types: interactive menus, ratings, overlay text, jump-to links, surveys and even buy-now options. The interactive layer added by the hihaho platform collects data and analytics to help optimize video performance. This, along with Qumu’s advanced analytics, brings a full picture of viewers’ engagements. In fact, hihaho measures every click in every second of every interaction. Interactions added in the layer automatically generate a statistical entry that allows users to track and trace all viewer behavior in detail.

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