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Raydiant announced a new partnership with TikTok

The world's leading brick-and-mortar digital experience platform has partnered with TikTok, bringing a best-in-class content experience to thousands of public establishments

Raydiant, the industry-leading in-location Experience OS, is excited to announce a new partnership with TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, leveraging the platform’s newly announced ‘Out Of Phone,’ offering

This TikTok and Raydiant partnership is set to bring TikTok’s highly engaging and entertaining content beyond the mobile phone to Raydiant’s network of thousands of brick-and-mortar clients across the US. This new TikTok channel will not only entertain patrons but also provide businesses with a powerful opportunity to showcase advertising alongside TikTok’s captivating feed, which has been optimized for public settings, and display it across screens in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, banks, and more.

“This integration with TikTok represents an exciting leap forward in redefining how brands engage with their customers,” said Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Raydiant. “By seamlessly infusing TikTok’s dynamic content into physical spaces, we’re unlocking a powerful channel for businesses. Raydiant is at the forefront of revolutionizing in-store digital experiences, and this collaboration marks a pivotal moment.”

“Expanding the TikTok experience beyond the mobile phone and into physical locations with Raydiant, allows us to bring the joy and creativity of TikTok to patrons of Raydiant’s clients’ brick and mortar locations,” said Dan Page, Global Head of Distribution, New Screens at TikTok. “This partnership will also provide digital advertisers a powerful and unique new advertising channel, combining the power of TikTok’s captivating content with Raydiant’s high-visibility locations.”

The TikTok integration with Raydiant will give brick and mortar operators and brands to showcase TikTok content across experiences that they are building to engage with their end users.

To learn more about how Raydiant is transforming brick-and-mortar experiences with TikTok, visit www.raydiant.com.

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