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Rebag Expands Its Retail Footprint with a New Location in Miami

The luxury accessories authority continues its growth trajectory, opening a new store in Brickell City Centre
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Rebag, the authority in trading, buying and selling luxury accessories including handbags, fine jewelry, watches, and small leather goods, announces its brick-and-mortar expansion in the US with a new location in downtown Miami’s Brickell City Centre. Best known as a hub of international finance, dining, arts, and entertainment, downtown Miami will receive a new contribution to its diverse and dynamic experience with Rebag’s newest store. Miami is already home to Rebag’s Dadeland Mall store location.

“We are thrilled to further expand our retail presence in Miami, contributing to the city’s supercharged luxury retail experience,” says Charles Gorra, Founder and CEO of Rebag. “Consumers in downtown Miami will enjoy an elevated in-store shopping experience that fuses transparency and flexibility with personalized services.”

Brickell City Centre is transforming the heart of downtown Miami with a mix of culinary, luxury retail, residential and mid-rise office buildings bringing a unique experience to the new landmark. Rebag is located close to Saks Fifth Avenue, across from Kirk Jewelers, and adjacent to other premium retailers.

Rebag’s newest location includes the most sought after luxury brands and accessories and features an Hermès Birkin Wall, a staple in all Rebag stores. Just like its other retail locations, the company’s Brickell City Centre store features a “Clair Kiosk”, complete with a Clair Concierge, a self-service hub that allows customers to receive an instant price quote on the item they are selling in three easy steps via the Clair by Rebag software suite. Clients can sell once-loved items within 60 minutes by leveraging Rebag’s unique upfront payment offering, or buy and sell an item in a single, combined transaction via Rebag’s recently launched service: Clair Trade. Clair AI, the company’s revolutionary image recognition and pricing tool technology, identifies and prices luxury items within seconds — eliminating the guesswork and hesitation that often comes with re-selling an item or making a luxury purchase.

Brickell marks the ninth physical location for Rebag, coming shortly after recently opening in Greenwich, CT and Beverly Hills, CA, as well as the company’s Series E funding announcement of $33 million at the end of 2021. Rebag’s data-driven approach has led the company to open stores in areas of high online adoption, with plans to increase that portfolio in the medium term. Rebag’s increased retail footprint will include both standalone stores, as well as a continued presence in major luxury malls.

For shoppers located outside of CaliforniaConnecticutFlorida, or New York, Rebag is accessible through its mobile app and, and provides free shipping for anyone looking to sell designer handbags, fine jewelry, watches, and small leather goods. For more store information, visit

Rebag Brickell City Centre is located at 701 S Miami Avenue, Suite 314-A (3rd FL), Miami, FL 33131 and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM to 9:00PM and Sunday from 12PM to 7PM.

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