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Redi2 Partners with Tableau

Revenue Manager™ and Embedded Analytics will help global asset managers gain real time business intelligence and insight
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Redi2 Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of revenue management and hosted fee-billing solutions in the global financial services industry, today announced its partnership with Tableau, a business intelligence and data analytics platform transforming the way people use data to solve problems. Redi2 is leveraging Tableau’s self-service embedded analytics capabilities to help its global asset manager clients gain real-time business intelligence and insight through Redi2’s CFO dashboard tools.

“Integrating Tableau’s technology into our billing solution allows us to provide up-to-the-minute dashboard-style metrics to our clients,” said Redi2 Senior Vice President David Ritchie. “Asset managers can easily access comprehensive, interactive views of their data so they can quickly and accurately answer all their business intelligence questions. Tableau’s analytics platform is second to none; and we’re delighted to partner with them in our quest to provide extraordinary, data-driven business insight and strategic forecasting to our clients.”

Tableau’s Embedded Analytics empowers organizations, helping them integrate, customize, and deploy analytics from Tableau directly into their own products and solutions. Partners can harness the full power of Tableau’s leading analytics platform to give their customers easy access to data-driven insights to help make better business decisions.

“Our mission at Tableau has always been to help people see and understand data,” said Patrick Evans, RVP, Global Embedded Analytics, Tableau. “We’re thrilled to see how Redi2 is implementing our innovations into their product, transforming their solution to be an analytical one and empowering customers to gain a deeper level of valuable, actionable insights.”

Redi2 Revenue Manager v8 is the newest fee billing and revenue management solution, specifically designed for investment managers, to come to market in the past decade.

Revenue Manager’s multidimensional 360-view dashboard shows real-time analytics, such as total revenue, AUM, payment, asset flows, top/bottom revenue clients, and period-over-period revenue change. Users can also drill down for more detailed information using function-specific dashboards.

Revenue Manager is built to allow for integration of existing infrastructure across platforms, such as with general ledgers or with CRM packages. This integration allows asset managers to bring the power of AI-driven dashboard analytics to all aspects of their strategic business decision making.

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