Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence launches integration with

Today we announce a pivotal enhancement to the platform with our new Integration with Salesforce CRM.

As the leading sales Co-Pilot for modern sales teams, is no stranger to industry-leading integrations. With established connectivity to sales engagement platforms such as and Salesloft, and marketing automation juggernauts like HubSpot, our latest integration pushes the envelope even further for what’s possible with AI-powered selling.

This significant development was spearheaded by none other than Thomas Tobin, a distinguished enterprise product leader and former Director of Product at Salesforce. His expertise and deep insights into Salesforce’s intricacies ensured a seamless and valuable integration for our users.

Why is this integration paramount for users?

  • Deeper Metrics: Dive into granular insights on the tangible impact of using Track pipeline progression including meetings set, opportunities initiated, and the tangible value added to the pipeline due to
  • Automated Persona Creation: By observing the meetings scheduled in Salesforce and discerning the personas of the prospects involved, refines its persona-creation process. This means heightened targeting precision, ensuring sequences reach the intended audience with impeccable personalization.

Sales is all about intercepting interest with the right buyers, at the right time, with the right message. That means riffling through Salesforce data to determine which titles your team is reaching out to currently, so you can target more of those primary personas with the right messaging in your prospecting.

The journey to perfecting sales automation and efficiency is ongoing, and at, we’re committed to continually enhancing your experience. This Salesforce integration is just the beginning. With ever-evolving metrics and refined personalization, we’re paving the path for transformative sales outcomes.

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