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Resulticks redefines customer engagement with RESUL


Recognized for relentlessly pursuing innovative audience engagement solutions, Resulticks is now redefining the space with a laser focus on creating Connected Experiences for brands and their audiences through its flagship product RESUL.

Addressing this next leap in the product’s evolution, Dakshen Ram, Co-Founder and Chief Product and Innovation Officer of Resulticks said, “RESUL began ten years ago as an omnichannel stack with the aim of moving clients steadily toward digital transformation. Now, recalibrating what audience engagement really means, we have created the definitive solution to deliver end-to-end Connected Experiences—real-time, contextual, everywhere, anytime, and across the phygital spectrum.”

Connected Experiences reimagines how businesses can engage with their audiences. Brands will be able to leverage non-conventional channels for data consolidation and communications. The shift will also incorporate new channels of communication including IoT interfaces such as digital billboards, smart devices, and facial recognition devices, enabling organizations to facilitate customer engagement across the physical and digital landscape.

Operating at native latency, businesses will be able to deliver entirely hyper-personalized journeys at scale that are not only attributable but most importantly are limited only by end-point processing capabilities and speeds.

Ram also noted that there is a marked gap between what audiences expect in terms of real-time engagement and what is being served to them today. The interpretation of real-time often has been understandably subjective. “But from the audience’s perspective,” he said, “it’s time to move the needle from real-time engagement to right-now engagement, which means effortlessly syncing with audiences traversing spaces, channels, devices, and IoT interfaces.”

Commenting on edge computing and serverless infrastructure supported by the WebAssembly framework, Ram added, “Our next major release RESUL 5.5 slated for release in Q4 of 2023 as well as our work on a generative AI core will further equip brands to chart audience journeys leveraging the flexibility offered by technology rather than being bound by its limitations. This commitment to a connected experience framework is set to usher in, for brands, an era of audience engagement that is instant, creative, and attributable like never before.”

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