Revo Video Launches Shopping Experience Platform on ReachTV Network

Revo Video provides brands and creators a seamlessly integrated video platform where they can engage, interact, and sell to customers in an authentic way Revo Video partners with ReachTV that gives brands a platform to create and distribute commerce enabled content reaching over 40M consumers a month via the ReachTV network

Revo Video, a disruptive technology company in the emerging live shopping industry, officially launched today with its live and video-on-demand (VOD) shopping platform for brands, creators, and consumers who want to seamlessly communicate, interact and shop—all in one place.

From 1:1 video enabled personal shopping, a simple shoppable carousel of videos on websites, or fully integrated across TV or OTT platforms using embedded QR codes, Revo Video delivers a new way to create once, and distribute shoppable videos thousands of times driving new revenue streams for brands and creators.

“Revo is a great facilitator and a tremendous tool for this new way of selling, because it connects brands, creators, and customers,” says Revo CEO and co-founder Joel Leonoff. “We want to help content companies leverage the power of e-commerce and further monetize their content and assets.”

One of its first major deals is with ReachTV, the country’s largest airport network, that owns-and-operates more than 2500+ televisions in 90 commercial airports throughout the United States. This partnership will provide Revo Video access to ReachTV’s complete library of existing and licensed content to make it “shoppable,” and also see the two companies collaborate on the development and production of shoppable original series. In addition, the teams will work closely with ReachTV to help amplify the authenticity, community and culture of GroupBlack’s “Group Black Originals” to support Black creators and content airing on the network.

ReachTV saw the immediate value in Revo Video, which gives companies large and small an easy way to leverage existing content and make it shoppable or create new live or VOD content on-the-fly. With the click of a button Revo Video links the brands inventory via their e-commerce platform and makes any video instantly shoppable instream including integrated one-click checkout, and global payment options. This partnership provides brands with a first-to-market opportunity to deliver millions of shoppable experiences at the point of inspiration across the ReachTV network.

“We are thrilled by the opportunity to work with ReachTV to bring this game-changing advertising and shopping model to life,” said Cynthia Nelson, Chief Strategy Officer, Revo Video. “Great content drives commerce but brands require distribution to scale. This partnership will enable consumers to watch, learn and shop while in transit and have their orders shipped directly to their final destination – the applications for commerce enabled content on the ReachTV network are truly endless.”

“Our partnership with Revo Video gives our vast viewership across airports the opportunity to shop directly and purchase products from the brands who appear on our platform,” said ReachTV CEO and founder Lynnwood Bibbens. “As viewers morph into users, our ability to balance those habits makes our partnership with Revo Video perfectly synergistic.”

Revo Video is a leading technology solutions provider focused on the fast growing Live and VOD shopping industry. In 2022 merchandise sales in China are estimated to reach over $480 billion in sales with $11 billion in the U.S. last year and $25B by 2023. In the post pandemic economy, companies that once relied on in-person retailing have had to pivot to engage customers online.

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