RhythmInfluence Partners with Group RFZ


RhythmInfluence, a full-service Influencer Marketing company, is bolstering its partner portfolio by expanding its relationship with leading measurement company, Group RFZ. RhythmInfluence will be integrating Group RFZ’s proven brand lift measurement with its existing analytic and insight capabilities, providing clients with an even clearer view of how their influencer campaigns are performing. The offering allows for the measurement of Influencer Marketing programs that focus on organic content posts in addition to paid, providing advanced analytics for all audience types.

As a precursor to the partnership, RhythmInfluence and Group RFZ conducted several successful joint measurement projects. The results allowed clients in industries ranging from food to finance to observe and understand the lift their Influencer Marketing programs generated on KPIs such as awareness, recall, favorability, place in the consideration set and purchase intent.

Group RFZ takes an innovative approach to measuring how Influencer Marketing impacts brand lift —namely, how a campaign shapes how consumers think, feel and intend to engage with a brand. Its brand lift research involves custom online surveys of two audiences — an exposed group and a control group — and analyzes the differences to understand the impact of the influencer programs on actual followers and paid audiences alike.

RhythmInfluence has built one of the most advanced end-to-end managed service solutions in the market today, including strategy and planning, influencer management, content creation workflow, analytics, paid distribution, and measurement. The platform enables clients to move beyond traditional behavioral metrics to find clear and relevant ways to measure program success.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Group RFZ and offer a robust advanced measurement solution across both organic influencer content and paid influencer social ads. Since these audiences differ in terms of both behaviors and demographics, it’s imperative to understand the impact of influencer creative across all users who are exposed to their content. The ability to analyze brand lift, consideration and other metrics across both paid and organic audiences through Group RFZ provides a deeper understanding of how influencers are truly driving performance,” said David Neuman, Senior Director, Strategy, RhythmInfluence.

“We are thrilled to be growing our relationship with RhythmInfluence, a true leader in the space,” said Gary Zucker, Co-Founder, Group RFZ. “They are clearly dedicated to measurement and understanding performance on every level. The output from our studies further rounds out what is already a robust measurement suite and provides RhythmInfluence with goal-aligned metrics that help inform strategy and optimize efforts.”

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