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Rocketlane announced several achievements reflecting Q1 momentum


Rocketlane, the global leader in customer onboarding and PSA software, today announced several significant company achievements that reflect outstanding first-quarter momentum.

Continuing its streak of innovation, Rocketlane has integrated artificial intelligence through ‘Resource AI ‘, a feature designed to enhance resource utilization and profitability. The company has also broadened its product offerings with the introduction of ‘Custom Reports’, a functionality that converts raw data into tailored reports, thereby improving data analysis and insights. Other notable Q1 releases include partner time tracking, scheduled automation, and mobile timesheets, all aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Additionally, Rocketlane has been ramping up its leadership hires. The company recently announced the appointment of Brett Jarvis as VP of Customer Success and Experience. Brett brings over 20 years of SaaS post-sales leadership experience from Oracle, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. Rocketlane has also stepped up hiring globally across development and go-to-market functions as the business continues to accelerate.

G2, the popular B2B software marketplace and review website, featured Rocketlane in 207 grid reports in its recent Spring 2024 report and bestowed 199 badges, including the coveted Leader badge in Client Onboarding, PSA, Resource Management, and Project Management. Rocketlane also made it to the list of fastest-growing products for 2024.

“Rocketlane has been rapidly disrupting the customer onboarding and PSA market with thoughtful initiatives and innovation,” said Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO and Co-founder of Rocketlane. “Rocketlane prides itself on having a highly differentiated product with supporting initiatives that equip the post-sales team with knowledge and technology that cultivates confidence, helps deliver projects on time and on budget, and improves the overall service delivery experience.”

Rocketlane’s Propel, the only global conference for customer onboarding and professional services, returns on May 21-23 this year. Day one will be an in-person, paid-ticket event featuring workshops and sessions by thought leaders, followed by an award ceremony to celebrate excellence on May 21st at The Midway in San Francisco. Days two and three, i.e., May 22 and 23, will be a free virtual summit for their global audience. The confirmed speaker list includes Nick Mehta (CEO of Gainsight), Donna WeberHal Stanley from TSIA, Ryan Childers, and Greg Hensley from RMI. For more information on Propel, visit:

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