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RudderStack Announces Partnership with Iterable

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RudderStack today announced a partnership with Iterable to help companies leverage their customer data to create deeper connections. Iterable, a cross-channel marketing platform, empowers marketers with the tools they need to create cohesive, personalized, and joyful customer experiences across channels. RudderStack’s robust Iterable source and destination integrations make it easy to get data into and out of Iterable.

Together, RudderStack and Iterable deliver modern customer engagement. Benefits include:

  • Reliable data integration – RudderStack makes it easy to stream data to Iterable from every website and every application in real-time.
  • Advanced, cross-channel customer engagement – With Iterable, marketing teams can leverage customer data to roll out sophisticated, personalized campaigns at scale across every touchpoint.
  • Bidirectional data flow – With RudderStack’s destination and source integrations for Iterable, data silos are a thing of the past and next-generation engagement is within reach. The source integration allows users to get data out of Iterable and into the data warehouse where it can be enriched and returned to Iterable for activation.

“Marketing teams that aren’t leveraging data are getting left behind,” said Eric Dodds, Director of Growth at RudderStack. “RudderStack and Iterable combine to give teams the data they need in a platform that empowers them to draw insights and quickly leverage those insights to ship comprehensive, personalized engagement campaigns.”

“Iterable’s partnership with RudderStack reflects our commitment to enable meaningful, data-driven marketing,” said Dheeraj Sareen, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Iterable. “With RudderStack fueling Iterable, users can concentrate on leveraging our tool to establish and nurture authentic and long-lasting relationships with their customers.”

For more information on RudderStack’s partnership with Iterable, read our blog, and sign up for our joint webinar featuring Joybird on April 20 at 9:00 AM PT here.

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