Safex Market Retains Rubenstein Public Relations


Rubenstein Public Relations (RPR) announced today the firm has been retained by Safex Market, a market disruptor in the decentralized e-commerce space, to help transform its online sales through high-impact public relations. Safex is an open-source software project that hosts a worldwide catalog of items on the decentralized network for Safex Coins through a global, community-driven network powered by a privacy blockchain.

“Rubenstein Public Relations will be alongside us as we transform the eCommerce world with revolutionary blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies,” said Aharon Bernal, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, “Crypto will mean so much more than digital in the near future, and we will help bring it to life in the real world that we all know and experience.”

Safex Market offers a democratized e-commerce platform that empowers consumers to communicate directly with sellers, control their own encrypted data, and shop online with crypto currency. As a consumer-driven platform dedicated to growing a global, community-powered network, Safex Market is constantly looking to improve UX for both sellers and consumers worldwide.

Bernal, a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur, leveraged his personal experience in buying and selling on Amazon to bring an ethical solution to a troubled marketplace. Along with his partner Daniel Dabek, he co-founded Safex Market to empower small online sellers by enabling them to expand and compete independently, while enjoying the potential to bring home a larger profit.

RPR President Richard Rubenstein said, “Safex Market is a category disruptor and the next generation of e-commerce, which integrates the efficiency of cryptocurrency and blockchain in a model that will be embraced by both consumers and small businesses.”

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