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Sales Marker introduces AI Sales to the World

Opening Revolutionary Intent-Based Sales to Everyone

CrossBorder Inc., a pioneering force in ‘intent-based sales’*1 in Japan, today launched AI Sales, the world’s first generative AI sales technology, into its sales intelligence platform, Sales Marker. This upgrade opens up intent-based sales — a customer-centric approach utilizing intent data — to a wider audience.

*1 A new sales methodology designed to discover and engage with customers with evident needs through intent analysis, employing multi-channel approaches.

Sales Marker, a leading sales intelligence solution, combines a database of 5 million corporate entities with intent data for precise targeting of companies with immediate needs.

Traditionally, sales and marketing heavily rely on firmographic data, such as industry, size and location, for target selection, posing challenges in identifying potential hot prospects. Enter intent-based sales — a proactive approach allowing for timely engagement with companies where needs are evident, leading to substantial improvements in pipeline metrics such as conversion and win rates. As the first of its kind, this innovative sales approach has gained attention across Japan, embraced by over 270 companies within a mere 1 year and 7 months since its launch in March 2022.

Driven by a commitment to enhance client outcomes, Sales Marker identified a challenge in the intent-based sales process–namely, the reliance on the skills and experiences of individuals for when and how to approach prospects, leading to variations in success rates. Recognizing the necessity for a technology that brings consistent results for all, Sales Marker introduces the AI Sales feature. Geared towards Sales Enablement, AI Sales empowers every individual to perform on par with top sales performers.

AI Sales automatically detects and targets companies in need of immediate attention through intent data analysis, making it possible to identify high-conversion prospects. Going beyond mere targeting, this intelligent solution pinpoints specific departments and individuals within the target companies. Subsequent to this identification process, tailored messaging to resonate with these individuals is automatically generated, and automated actions are initiated through the most effective channels for seamless engagement. This marks a pioneering achievement in the automation of processes traditionally navigated through trial and error by top sales professionals, accomplished by Sales Marker and its unique AI capabilities.

With precise targeting and timely, effective approaches, AI Sales elevates the performance of individuals, even those without prior sales experience. By eliminating variations in results dependent on individual experience and skill, this technology will aid in overcoming challenges for sales professionals contending with quotas and business leaders addressing a shortage of sales staff impeding company growth.

“In response to the survey on the motivations behind sales professionals considering retirement*2, over 80% have contemplated retirement, citing the formidable challenge of meeting quotas as the predominant factor,” said Ukyo Ogasawara, CEO of CrossBorder. “This challenge arises from several factors, including a lack of sufficient deals and mismatches in needs and timing. In an era where a significant 60% of purchasing decisions are conducted online, the traditional role of sales in providing information is evolving. Relying solely on internal data analysis or CRM information is no longer sufficient to grasp customer needs comprehensively. This is precisely why we developed Sales Marker, a platform designed to optimize sales outcomes by conducting in-depth, cross-sectional data analysis. Through precise targeting, Sales Marker facilitates accurate approaches at optimal timings, significantly easing the burden of sales teams in achieving their quotas.

Furthermore, today’s unveiling of AI Sales adds a dimension to our narrative where underperforming sales professionals transform into top performers. As we continue our commitment to enhancing the well-being of all sales professionals and strive to ensure that Japan’s cutting-edge technological capabilities reach global prominence.”

*2 Source: 2021, Survey by the Japan Labor Research Union, targeting 531 male and female company employees aged 20 to 49

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