SalesOptimize Identifies Key eCommerce Players in Latest UK Report

Irish Data Science company SalesOptimize has recently completed a major study of the UK eCommerce market which is currently valued at £73B. The report identifies key retailers who are winning in the online space, and the companies they use for payments, shipping, marketing, finance etc. The analysis was conducted based on 17.5M website domains that are registered in the UK, of which only 10.6% (1.8 million) are active – this in itself is an astounding insight. These 1.8 million websites form the basis of this report, and using market intelligence, web bots and analyzers, SalesOptimize has broken down this dataset further, identifying 509K websites that are eCommerce enabled. Of these eCommerce enabled sites, 268K are shipping products.

Online shopping has significantly increased in the UK over the last number of years, with roughly 85% of consumers making online purchases in the last 12 months alone. But how will Brexit impact this? According to SalesOptimize CEO Liz Fulham, “The future of UK eCommerce retailers is uncertain. This is due not only to the continued growth of Amazon which controls 40% of the market, but also the threat of a hard Brexit. Consumer confidence is declining, and Britain’s high streets endured a terrible 2018 with several large companies entering into administration.

Debenhams recently announced plans to close 50 of its under-performing stores, putting 4,000 jobs at risk, and New Look announced that they will close another 25 stores, bringing their total number of closures to 85. This causes serious doubt over retailers being able to withstand the brute force of a hard Brexit.

The full eCommerce market report from SalesOptimize can be downloaded here.

Key Topics:

  • Online Sales Growth
  • Amazon in the UK
  • Top eCommerce Carts Ranking
  • Top Shipping Companies Ranking
  • Top Payment Companies Ranking
  • Top Merchants by Industry
  • 2019/2020 Outlook

SalesOptimize reveals the true company behind a website and who the key contacts and decision makers are within that company. SalesOptimize can develop a specific web bot for its clients to size their entire market and deliver their future customers – it’s the ‘Google’ for businesses. Visit the website to find out more:

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