Sayollo & Protected Media Partner for Mobile Game Advertising

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Immersive mobile game advertising pioneer Sayollo and anti-fraud innovator Protected Media are announcing a first of its kind collaboration to turn immersive in-game advertising into a fraud-free space. By implementing Protected Media’s advanced authentication and verification technology, Sayollo delivers yet again on its promise of greater ROAS on the platform and provides its clients with the transparency and trust required to profitably scale their media spend. Protected Media’s patented 3-Way-Handshake cybersecurity technology uniquely verifies and digitally signs each ad impression, making it tamper-proof and preventing spoofing and impersonation at its root.

Sayollo’s technology offers advertisers access to one of the ecosystem’s fastest growing segments: immersive in-gaming ads. Sayollo matches any brand to its perfect demographic by showing relevant, immersive and non-disruptive messages inside games players already play, offering advertisers a direct channel to the world’s 2.6B mobile gamers. With Sayollo advertisers strategically place video ads in premium virtual locations, where, based on the company’s patented Emotional Targeting technology, ads are shown when players experience positive emotions.

In the face of the growing scope and sophistication of digital ad fraud, Sayollo has chosen to partner with Protected Media in order to maintain its promise of increased ROAS by keeping the in-game advertising ecosystem safe from bots, click-farms, and fraudulent transactions.

Protected Media’s innovative cybersecurity ad fraud solution employs impression-level, tamper-proof cryptography for user & device authentication, data verification, and “bad” source take-down. The solution’s patented 3-Way-Handshake guarantees the validity and quality of any given transaction across the supply chain by enabling anyone to easily verify and authenticate their transactions. In addition, the solution offers stronger, more proactive protection because it caters to both supply and demand, creating an internal feedback loop of cross-supply chain knowledge sharing and collaboration to effectively fight fraud. As opposed to traditional Machine Learning based solutions, cybersecurity is the most innovative technological approach able to guarantee authenticated and verified user engagement across the advertising supply chain.

“Providing an ingenious advertising platform is only half the battle. Making sure that fraudsters don’t steal its benefits from under advertisers’ feet is the other,” said Or Oren, Sayollo’s Head of Operation Specialist. “Since fraud prevention has always been a core value of our technology, partnering with Protected Media to solve ad fraud at the source was the natural move for us.”

Asaf Greiner, CEO of Protected Media, said: “Frontiers of untapped potential for advertisers are always a breeding ground for fraudsters. We applaud Sayollo’s proactive stance against fraudulent activities which directly harm advertisers’ bottom line and erodes the trust between advertisers and publishers. Even in new ecosystems, Protected Media ensures that fraudsters aren’t able to get through the cracks usually left by fragmented protection.”

Jonathan Attias, CEO of Sayollo, said: “We use untapped virtual real estate in mobile games to connect advertisers to gamers. In the last year, we’ve seen a massive increase in gamers and at the same time,  the brands finally discovered this world. We’ve found the right formula to combine them both.”

Protected Media is an MRC-accredited global innovator in ad fraud prevention and detection. ProtectedTV’s suite of products for display and video ads within Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App and OTT/CTV offers a unique three-way authentication and verification technology that guarantees the validity and quality of any given transaction across the supply chain. Founded in 2014 by veterans of Israel’s cybersecurity industry, Protected Media uses cyber methodologies and the most advanced technological stack to protect its over 100 global customers from sophisticated ad fraud and current and emerging threats. HQ in Tel Aviv and an office in New York.

Sayollo is the lead of video In-Game advertising technology. With a mission to make mobile games better for everyone. Sayollo connects brands with gamers.

Gamers who look like you and me.

Sayollo specializes in advertising, brand marketing, and AI technology with a unique In-Game Advertising platform.

Sayollo captures space in the fastest growing real estate market in the world, mobile games. Sayollo has a unique evergreen strategy to ensure our games and brand partners can provide the best experience possible for their community. HQ in Rehovot and an office in San Francisco.

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