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Scorpion Data Uncovers Opportunities for Local Service Businesses

Insights show industry need for marketing to help local businesses run their best business

Scorpion, the leading provider of digital marketing technology for local and multi-location service businesses, announced key findings from two surveys focused on consumer perception around how they discover and engage with marketing efforts from home services businesses and law firms. Each survey provides key insights into the customer paths of consumers and comes on the heels of Scorpion’s new brand ethos – Run Your Best Business – showing the critical need among local service-based businesses to deploy marketing that resonates.

Across both surveys, the data uncovered more awareness amongst consumers around website quality, the sentiment of online reviews, digital advertisements, and TV/streaming services– showcasing where and how local service based-businesses need to show up to reach the right audiences. These discoveries tie directly back to Scorpion’s “Run Your Best Business” approach, helping local service-based businesses get better results from their marketing efforts. Local businesses have more personal ties to their businesses and the livelihoods that come from them – Run Your Best Business is designed to give them back the mindshare they need to focus on the business and personal goals that matter most.

“Consumers want to support local businesses in their communities. Because of this, it’s important for these businesses to get their marketing right, reaching people with the right message, through the right medium and at the right time,” said Rustin Kretz, CEO and Founder at Scorpion. “Local business owners and operators need a reliable marketing partner to help them achieve this, so they can focus on what really matters for them – running their business at its best, providing quality service and supporting their employees and families.”

Data highlights from the surveys include:

  • Home Services
    • Most consumers (65%) typically hear of or research home service companies online using Google, Yelp or other search sites.
      When looking at age demographics, 76% of Millennial respondents and 64% of Gen Z respondents selected this preference, showing its continued importance as a marketing medium.

    • There’s heightened awareness surrounding local businesses being impacted by economic volatility.
      When asked if they think local businesses have been impacted more by the recent economy and inflation, 70% of those surveyed said yes.

    • Quality and cost are high priorities for consumers when looking for a home improvement business.
      These traits ranked above others such as speed, customer service/experience and reviews.

  • Law Firms
    • There is heavy saturation in the market for ads about law firms.
      When asked how often they notice ads from law firms, 70% of respondents say either weekly or daily. When considering where consumers are seeing these ads, 71% of all respondents note seeing them on TV/Streaming services.

    • A quality website means consumers will be more inclined to use the legal services of a firm.
      65% of all respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. Additionally, 62% of Gen X and 79% of Millennials responded this way, showing a strong preference towards website quality.

    • Online reviews are highly important to those seeking legal counsel.
      90% of all survey respondents said they would need to research these before hiring an attorney.

“There is no doubt that Scorpion is the best digital marketing company in the country, period, full stop,” said Jason Itkin, Founding Partner at Arnold & Itkin LLP. “Working with Scorpion for the past decade, we’re always amazed at how they continue to innovate, and understand our needs as a business. They’ve helped us seize opportunities to make a significant impact, reach the people who need us most, and get us in front of them in a way that matters.”

“Running a business is a deeply personal endeavor,” said Tim Flynn, Master Plumber and Owner of Winters Home Services. “As business owners, we need a consistent volume of work to support us, and at the same time, we want to ensure the leads coming in are at a level of quality that can make our livelihoods thrive. Understanding the nuance of varying industries and what motivates those consumers to engage with a business is paramount. With Run Your Best Business, Scorpion takes on this aspect for us, removing the guesswork from how to market effectively, so we can turn focus back to achieving our goals.”

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