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Seismic extends AI leadership with Winter 2024 Release

Seismic customers are already unlocking the potential of AI-powered enablement, increasing profit generated per seller by 28% and increasing average deal size by 29%

Seismic, the global leader in enablement, today announced its Winter 2024 Product Release with advancements in generative AI, Seismic for Meetings, and Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs). In an increasingly competitive market, connecting with buyers quickly, efficiently and with a personalized touch is crucial for go-to-market success. Seismic’s new product enhancements empower reps to provide a better customer experience from the onset of a deal through to signature.

Seismic Aura Copilot gains new intelligent features

Aura Copilot, Seismic’s generative AI-powered assistant, continues to expand with new capabilities across the four innovation areas in Seismic’s AI roadmap: discover, create, automate, and advise. With the help of AI-powered Page Authoring, enablement teams can create highly effective playbooks for product launches, sales plays, and industries in minutes. The solution also customizes tone, translates content into different languages, and fixes grammatical errors to ensure playbooks are deeply personalized for their audiences. Not only does this save hours of production time, but sellers also benefit from higher-quality, relevant content.

Sellers can use Aura Copilot’s generative search capabilities to transform how they search for content, answers and insights. This reimagined approach to search allows sellers to interact in natural language and get instant answers in a personalized layout, and generates tailored summaries from verified sources to accelerate sales cycles and increase rep productivity. For example, they can ask a question about a product feature and receive a tailored answer that includes persona- or industry-specific insights along with detailed product functionality.

Seismic LiveSocial, which empowers client- and customer-facing teams to engage buyers purposefully and proactively on social media, is also getting an AI-powered boost. Sellers can use new AI-powered capabilities to create personalized comments and discussion topics that amplify buyer engagement across social media.

Customers are already seeing significant results from enablement, and are investing to accelerate those benefits. Global fintech firm Revolut saw a 78% increase in seller efficiency after deploying Seismic, as well as 28% more profit generated per seller.

“Seismic’s impact has increased our quarterly quotas, and our team continues to overachieve on those targets. We are seeing huge revenue impacts and know that Seismic plays a big part in that,” said Chris Prudente, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Revolut. “Looking forward, I’m most excited about the product enhancements that have recently come out around generative AI. What that can do for our sellers in the platform and for my sales enablement team when creating content will be a game-changer.”

Improve meeting preparation and follow-ups with Seismic for Meetings

Seismic for Meetings already transformed how sellers prepare for, present and follow up on meetings — saving countless hours every week, resulting in more impactful meetings and higher close rates. New enhancements include the ability to set up and preview meeting content prior to the live customer interaction, as well as the ability to intelligently highlight pricing and commercial discussions in the meeting summary. When the meeting is over, sellers can add the full recording directly to a DSR to keep all content in one place, delivering a seamless and memorable client experience.

Streamline go-to-market processes with DSR Templates

Now viewed as a must-have seller tool to increase deal sizes and win rates, Seismic is upgrading DSRs to increase scalability for sellers and marketers alike. Whether using DSR Templates for a new product launch, event invitation, or engaging with a prospect in a new industry, sellers have a repeatable, scalable, and collaborative way to engage buyers.

Case in point: professional services provider OneSource Virtual has increased its average deal size by 29% and decreased new rep ramp time by 47% thanks to Seismic’s DSRs and other products across the Seismic Enablement Cloud:

“We are big users of LiveSend and Digital Sales Rooms, and we love the excitement that we’re building around Digital Sales Room templates,” said Nicole Ward, Senior Director of Revenue Enablement, OneSource Virtual. “We recently launched Seismic Content for everybody on our go- to-market team, and it’s been a really great enhancement to our organization.”

“Our Winter 2024 Product Release strengthens our suite of AI capabilities with new tools to help organizations execute more intentional enablement and drive impactful change,” said Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer, Seismic. “Last year, more than half of our new capabilities were driven by our Voice of the Customer program. We’re proud to build on that momentum with a number of customer-driven updates in this release, and to see that customers are already improving productivity and growing revenue as a result.”

See more Seismic customer stories by visiting our website. To learn more about the latest additions to the Seismic Enablement Cloud within the Winter 2024 Release, visit the Seismic Blog and view all recent product news on the Seismic Product Innovation Center.

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