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sendQuick Releases Saas-based sendQuick Oncloud in US

Get notified when Public Cloud Incidents Impact Your Cloud Applications
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sendQuick today announced sendQuick onCloud, a new product that builds on its market-leading platform. sendQuick has been a leader in IT alerts & notifications solutions across the globe for 19 years, including in Australia. sendQuick believes in delivering the best customer experience, from SMS alerts to social messenger apps and team collaboration tools, and appliances to SaaS-based solutions.

Cloud computing has developed over the years to become a pervasive, highly scalable and cost-efficient. Evolving according to industry needs, sendQuick developed sendQuick onCloud as a systems availability notification management platform that runs on the cloud.

sendQuick onCloud integrates with resources on public cloud services providers like Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, and monitors the availability status and performance of all IP-addressable systems, applications, service network and infrastructure. Thus it provides a visibility over your entire IT infrastructure health status.

“Today, businesses operate with an always-on digital approach using private or public cloud services. However there is this fear where there is no visibility to know if it is working. Investigating the inevitable question, ‘Is X down?’ is streamlined with sendQuick onCloud. We want to make it a simple system for businesses to just ensure their cloud systems are working fine, with the clutter,” said Mr JS Wong, Director of sendQuick, Talariax.

In case of any latency issues, unplanned downtime or changes in user-specified thresholds, sendQuick notifies the authorized personnel on-duty with 2-way messaging using email, out-of-band SMS, voice*, social messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Whatsapp Business*, and team collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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