Shopify-Style Print On Demand Startup Expands into EU with Partnership

Nymbl partners with Printsome to offer intuitive, end-to-end print-on-demand platform to new user base as startup ratchets up growth.
Shopify-Style Print On Demand Startup Expands into EU with Partnership

Nymbl, a startup providing print-on-demand storefronts and fulfillment channels for organizations and individuals alike, has expanded into Europe through a strategic partnership with a strongly established apparel printing company.

Printsome, a London-based firm now focused on business-to-business apparel printing, sought partnership with Nymbl after discovering its unique all-in-one platform. Nymbl’s high-tech capabilities targeting the print-on-demand industry made it especially attractive.

Nymbl makes it simple for non-profits, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, artists, small businesses, musicians, sports teams, schools, photographers and more to open an online store with customized apparel and merchandise. All without needing inventory, technical know-how for web design and mockups or the expertise to assemble various components into a successful store.

For their part, Printsome recognized in Nymbl endless collaborative possibilities as they looked to expand into print-on-demand services. Until now, Printsome has focused on large business-to-business orders for corporations and events among their 17,000 customers.

“Our platform will help Printsome grow into the print-on-demand market with the best technology, and Printsome’s footprint will quickly bring in new customers for Nymbl,” said Zac Folk, founder and CEO of Nymbl. “It’s rare for two ventures to fit so well together without taking business from each other. Instead, both of our companies can expect significant growth.”

The synergistic strategic partnership will feed new customers onto the Nymbl platform from Printsome’s European user base. It will also give Nymbl a European print-on-demand network to keep shipping costs and transit times down for EU buyers on any Nymbl user’s store.

Meanwhile, the Nymbl platform will open a range of print-on-demand possibilities for Printsome customers. That includes the ultra-realistic mockups, easy backend setup and customizability that Nymbl has quickly come to be known for during its public beta phase.

Printsome Chief Growth Officer Luke Angell said his company knew that on-demand printing was a natural evolution after conquering business-to-business printing. When looking for partners, they discovered Nymbl had a similar mindset and complementary tools.

“Since we got into this business, we’ve been focused on innovating and disrupting the printing industry and providing exemplary customer experience,” Angell said, noting that Nymbl offers Printsome customers key benefits. Specifically, Angell said, the company plans to integrate Nymbl with an in-house creator tool to quickly let a consumer design a piece of apparel and order a small quantity without the setup expense required by its business-to-business offerings.

“At the same time,” Angell continued, “we get to provide our customers with an instant shop that overcomes technical obstacles and sidesteps barriers to entry for people and businesses who want to sell print-on-demand products. Nymbl is a much more elegant and easy-to-use solution.”

Nymbl is in the midst of its second funding round as it continues its public beta and quickly attracts worldwide interest. Now boasting more than 1,100 users with average transaction values roughly 50 percent higher than leading print-on-demand competitors, Nymbl has already begun to make a difference in the lives of the people it serves.

“People are invested and we’re gaining traction,” Folk said.

One customer, he said, began making $350 a day from T-shirt sales out of the gate after using the Nymbl platform and a small dose of self-marketing.

“Building a merchandise store, creating product mockups, storing inventory and fulfilling orders is normally a complex, time-intensive and costly process,” Folk said. “We’ve made it inexpensive and simple, even eliminating inventory so creators can focus on creating.”

About Nymbl

Nymbl exploded onto the e-commerce and print-on-demand scene in 2018 by offering an easy-to-use suite of tools for anyone who wants to sell merchandise or apparel online without stocking inventory. After a successful $300,000 seed-funding round, the company quickly attracted more than 1,100 users and proved its concept with average cart values 50 percent better than leading competitors. The company is currently continuing its public beta and beginning a secondary seed round as it continues to scale, refine its platform and attract partnerships. Folk started Nymbl after non-profit experience selling T-shirts demonstrated the need for a comprehensive platform to streamline the process.

About Printsome

Printsome quickly became a trusted name in business-to-business apparel printing in Europe after its 2013 debut. The company has built a strong reputation for quality and customer experience, including earning a 9.5 trust score ranking amongst its 17,000 clients. The company focuses on creating “Wow!” customer experiences that translate to repeat business and referrals. It is leveraging Nymbl’s platform to expand its print-on-demand offerings to clients.

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