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Short Video App Rizzle Announces RSeries Call For Pilots

Content creators invited to submit scripts, three-minute pilots to RSeries Originals program
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Short video app Rizzle, which combines 60-second original, user-generated content with a real-time video community response system, is inviting creators to participate in its RSeries call for pilots.

Creators may submit their scripts and a three-minute pilot to the contest. Top submissions will receive featured placement, creative support, and, in some cases, a cash stipend to assist in production.

More than one million videos have been created on the Rizzle platform since it officially launched in October 2019. The app’s functionality allows the Rizzle community, which is 8 million strong across the United States and India, to produce episodic content and create a microseries on a smartphone. Its features — from in-app design tools to licensed background music and sound effects and more — elevate smartphone videos to finished products that rival professionally-produced footage.

“At Rizzle, our goal is to democratize the production of short series content,” said Rizzle co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Vidya Narayanan. “With initiatives like RSeries, we’re leveling the playing field for people like you and me to pick up their smartphone and efficiently create and host a series.”

Rizzle users range from actors and producers to celebrities, bloggers, DJs, and everyday people, and the vast majority of the app’s user base are organic, unpaid creators, according to Narayanan.

“Web series are currently made by very few creators, and even fewer outlets exist to discover that content,” said Narayanan. “We are squarely focused on ushering short video entertainment into the next era, and we do that by providing the entire ecosystem of support and resources necessary for creators to build content on a single platform. RSeries was born out of our strong commitment to making high-quality, Hollywood-style original content attainable for the masses.”

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