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SingleComm Streamlines Tech & Lowers Cost Increases Customer Engagement

Six Primary Services Proven to Cut Agent Training Time and Limit Inefficiencies
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SingleComm, the all-in-one contact center platform for optimizing the agent-customer experience, is distinguishing itself in the CCaaS space through its comprehensive set of contact center solutions. From reducing agent training and ramp-up time to scripting new client campaigns without burdening IT resources, SingleComm is empowering its clients to outperform their competitors by limiting inefficiencies while increasing customer satisfaction.

“From the start, we’ve set out to be the premier provider of meaningful and seamless solutions for contact centers, and I feel strongly that we’ve landed on tools that resonate with contact centers of all shapes and sizes,” said Michael Puccinelli, CEO and founder of SingleComm. “We’re the only CCaaS provider that’s run by contact center professionals, and our team is constantly launching and customizing new tools to deliver value to our clients.”

There are six primary advantages enjoyed by SingleComm clients such as Beachbody, Argo, Universal Marketing Group and Push Innovation.

  1. SingleComm’s WebRTC omnichannel ACD delivers unmatched contact center performance offering more than a thousand features, including workforce management tools ranging from routing to campaign settings to routing to IVR.
  2. Designed to cut training/ramp-up time in half, SingleComm’s Agent Workflow program optimizes the agent-customer experience through a unique scripting tool that delivers more one-call resolutions.
  3. SingleComm’s Reporting Suite provides, in one hub, real-time operational insights around lifetime value, customer satisfaction, and utilization.
  4. SingleComm is a cloud-native CCaaS solution that is priced affordably and offers rapid script deployment.
  5. Workflow Builder is a popular SingleComm offering that allows contact centers to launch new client campaigns in minutes without the need for IT resources.
  6. SingleComm’s Integration Library equips contact centers with hundreds of pre-built integrations in a single, unified agent workspace. This feature increases efficiency and customer engagement by eliminating an agent’s need to jump between multiple applications.

“Before we began working with SingleComm, we would have to bring together two, four, even five pieces of different technology to accomplish what SingleComm provides,” said Jason Birch, partner at Universal Marketing Group. “We’ve never come across an integration or hurdle of technology that SingleComm wasn’t able to accomodate. They’ve dropped my financial exposure in the tech space by roughly 35 percent.”

Brandon Badeen, Chief Information Officer at Argo Contact Centers and a proponent of SingleComm’s all-in-one solution, said: “SingleComm’s scripting engine allows us to integrate with our merchant processors which allows us to integrate with our order entry system. It also brings in the telephony system to provide an all-in-one response. The reporting and order entry systems are absolutely huge. The cost savings there is astronomical.”

In an ongoing effort to further exceed expectations and support contact center needs, SingleComm continues to add talent to its development team to create solutions that maximize agent efficiency and mitigate cost. “We’re a cloud-native omnichannel solution delivering everything from workforce management tools to pre-built integrations, and I am pleased that we’re achieving our goal of being the single solution that delivers it all,” concludes Puccinelli.

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