Siteimprove Receives 2022 Optimizely Industry Solution Award


Marketing departments using Optimizely and Siteimprove confidently deliver inclusive digital experiences and deliver top-line revenue growth with content optimized for performance.

Siteimprove, the leading enterprise platform that transforms content into revenue, announced it received the 2022 Optimizely Industry Solution Award. This award honors a technology partner that is changing the way organizations leverage data to unlock digital potential and helps companies optimize customer journeys by driving significant business impacts. The award was presented at Optimizely’s annual customer conference, Opticon, making it the second year in a row Siteimprove has been honored with an award at the event.

The continued recognition and success of Siteimprove’s partnership with Optimizely demonstrates the need for brands to unlock the full potential of the digital experience – one that considers all facets of content production. This means, in our rapidly evolving world, marketing teams must simultaneously reduce the cost of content production while growing revenue through superior digital experiences.

“We are honored to have Optimizely recognize Siteimprove with the Industry Solution Award. Marketing departments everywhere are under increasingly intense pressure to deliver results,” said Kevin Bobowski, CMO at Siteimprove. “Optimizely and Siteimprove’s solutions provide marketers with the means to grow top-line revenue while protecting the bottom-line with a scalable, efficient workflow that produces content optimized for a winning digital experience.”

Siteimprove’s integrations with Optimizely provides marketing departments with an exceptional combination of innovations to deliver digital experiences and revenue more efficiently than ever before. Pre-Publish enables content marketers to confidently create digital experiences that meet the highest standards of inclusivity – before content is published, saving time and money. Also, Siteimprove’s platform simplifies the workflow of both Content and Performance Marketing teams by prioritizing recommendations based on the potential impact to SEO, the digital experience, and paid search performance.

“The added benefit our partnership with Siteimprove brings to our customers is indispensable,” added Carina Conaghan, Global VP of Technology Partnerships at Optimizely. “We have seen first-hand the scalability and velocity that the powerful combination of Siteimprove and Optimizely provides digital marketing teams. We are proud to have Siteimprove as a continued partner and are excited to honor them once again with the 2022 Optimizely Industry Solution Award.”

Customers like Cuisinart are actively benefiting from this integration. Cuisinart partnered with Optimizely and Siteimprove to address ADA compliance needs and other digital strategy challenges. Through this partnership, Cuisinart was able to significantly improve their customer experience and their accessibility score by over 25 points from 57.1 to 85, leapfrogging the industry benchmark of 78.9.

Mary Rodgers, Head of Marketing Communications at Cuisinart, added: “Digital accessibility is not a one-off fix but a process that requires full-team commitment, including external partners. Working with Optimizely and Siteimprove together provided our team the main platform we needed to grow with our business and the right solutions to ensure the overall content experience was optimized throughout the website.”

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Accessibility is a journey. We worked to make this press release accessible and inclusive for all our audiences. Please read Siteimprove’s Accessibility Statement.

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