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SMS Marketing Leader EZ Texting Adds Emojis to Its Software

Businesses can now further engage and delight customers by adding emojis to their digital communications
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EZ Texting today announced that emojis have been added to its flagship SMS marketing software, demonstrating its commitment to helping businesses delight customers through digital communications.

The company built this feature in response to survey findings that show just how much Americans love communicating with emojis.

“People use emojis to add emotion and humor to their digital communications,” said EZ Texting Chief Product Officer Josh Siegel. “When businesses follow suit, it builds brand trust, customer loyalty, and message effectiveness. We’re pleased to offer this new capability to all of our clients.”

Americans love emojis

According to a recent survey by EZ Texting, more than two-thirds use emojis in text messages—more than half (57%) use them as needed, but more than a quarter (28%) try to use them in every message.

Consumers surveyed like when companies use emojis in text messages, because it makes them feel more connected to the brand (28%) and makes the brand feel more human (21%).

In particular, Americans would like to see emojis in text communications from restaurants, grocery stores, clothing and surplus stores, doctors’ offices, and home service industries workers (like contractors).

Interestingly, only 11% want to see emojis from political candidates.

Helping brands make a more emotional connection

Businesses that use EZ Texting can choose from different emojis to include in their communications, improving the customer experience and building stronger relationships with customers.

“Our goal is to provide businesses with the best SMS communication platform and experience, so our product evolves as the ways people communicate with each other do,” added Siegel. “Today, it is clear that emojis are an important part of text communications, even for businesses.”

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