SMT Acquires BLOCKv Solutions, Geronimo & Austella

SmartMedia Technologies further solidifies the Company's status as the world's most trusted platform for Enterprise Web3 and Metaverse solutions.

SmartMedia Technologies (SMT) today announced the acquisition of three companies; Switzerland’s BLOCKv Solutions, Australia’s Geronimo and the UK’s Austella, to further strengthen its ongoing position as the leading enterprise Web3 platform for brands and agencies. The strategic acquisitions enable SMT to expand their end-to-end Web3, Metaverse and NFT offerings across APAC and Europe and  will now operate under the SmartMedia Technologies brand.

The rapidly growing company has now created nearly 5 million Web3 custodial wallets using their unique tech stack, which combines data-driven programmatic Web3-enabled media and a self-service, no-code, automated Web3 CRM and NFT design studio to deliver its clients the most user friendly, end-to-end Web3 solution on the market. In the past year, the Company has launched successful global Web3 campaigns with Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon, PepsiCo, Unilever, Yahoo! and Accenture.

“When SMT was created in 2019, our goal was to build the most advanced enterprise engagement platform by bringing the best and brightest in Web3 to our team,” said Tyler Moebius, CEO of SmartMedia im Technologies. “Our Enterprise clients demand an end-to-end, purpose built solution, spanning technology and services; and they need it globally. They also need the expertise and technology capabilities to bridge the chasm between what they’re doing in Web2 to Web3. These acquisitions significantly boost the talent on our team, extend our platform features and ultimately accelerate our ability to deliver better business outcomes leveraging the power of Web3.”

“At Verizon, we are privileged to work with some of the most influential and innovative clients in the retail space. Our partnership with SmartMedia Technologies enables our clients to accelerate their adoption of Web3 technologies such as AR, NFTs and the Metaverse, whilst delivering tangible and immediate business benefits in terms of increased revenue and customer engagement,” said James Hughes, Verizon, Director of Retail Strategy and Innovation.

Austella has been a premier Metaverse partner and developer on the SMT Enterprise Web3 stack. Austella’s IP, including a unity metaverse rendering engine and SDK that integrates the SMT Web3 wallet allows for NFTs to be picked up using AR in the physical world and then taken into a virtual metaverse world. The integration and further productization of Austella’s IP into the SMT Enterprise stack enables SMT to offer the most user-friendly and interoperable Web3 wallet and integrated metaverse solution in the market.

The BLOCKv protocol for Smart NFTs offers the most advanced blockchain solution for enabling the utility and composability of NFTs. NFT utility is believed by many Fortune 500 companies and leaders to be the future of brand and consumer marketing. This acquisition secures SMT’s position as the market leader.

BLOCKv Solutions is a professional services and development company built on BLOCKv, the world’s leading protocol for building smart, programmable NFTs, powered by the VEE token. VEE is a blockchain based utility token that powers the BLOCKv protocol for creating Smart NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that can be distributed and collected through social media, QR codes and email, augmented and virtual reality, geo-location drops, can be dynamically minted to a number of leading blockchains and are accessible from any internet enabled smart device, recreating the sensation of physical object ownership in the digital world.

BLOCKv Solutions adds world-class talent through their European based team, who have built the world’s most advanced protocol for creating, minting and distributing Smart NFTs. As part of the acquisition, Lukas Fluri, Co-Founder and CEO of BLOCKv Solutions, will join SMT as Chief Product Officer, and Gunther Thiel will join as SMT’s Web3 Chief Technology Officer.

“BLOCKv has been a partner of SMT since 2019,” said Fluri. “After three years of collaboration accelerating consumer adoption of Web3, it’s become clear that we are stronger together. Tyler and his team are pioneers in the evolution of Web3 and I’m looking forward to being part of a team that’s done so much for this emerging sector and drive further innovation and growth of Web3 together.”

Established in 2015 and based in Sydney, Australia, Geronimo works with leading brands including Google, Amazon, Telstra, and Microsoft, offering a full suite of technical solutions and services including business and technology consulting, and the creation of CX solutions (the collective term for consumer experiences leveraging VR, AR and Metaverse experiences) and developing NFC and blockchain applications for PC, console and mobile.

Founded in 2014 and based in Berkshire, United Kingdom, Austella is a Web3 digital technology studio focused on the development of immersive applications primarily utilizing virtual and augmented reality in combination with blockchain technology. The company gained attention during the early hype cycle of virtual reality after its subsidiary Tammeka Games published Radial-G, a high-paced, futuristic VR racing game that pushed on the limitations of early VR hardware.

Moebius concluded, “We are focusing on creating the bridges and composable layers to connect metaverses, blockchains and XR experiences, and the acquisitions of these companies will help us achieve that goal faster.”

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