SociaBuzz is Now Available for Creators Globally

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SociaBuzz, a platform providing monetization tools for creators, announces today its international launch, where now it’s available to be used by creators all around the world.

Started in Indonesia a few years ago, SociaBuzz platform has helped thousands of creators monetize their work in multiple ways, from selling digital products to receiving tips from fans.

The creator economy has grown to well over $104 billion in market size[1], with more than 50 million people globally that consider themselves content creators[2]. While monetizing digital content is nothing new, the pandemic turbocharged the sector as people turned to monetization platforms to supplement their income during stay-at-home measures.

“Creators are becoming their own businesses. There’s never been a better time to be a content creator. Our mission is to provide them all the tools that they need to monetize easily, to sustain and scale their creative endeavors,” said SociaBuzz CEO & co-founder Rade Tampubolon.

With this international launch, SociaBuzz will roll out its features gradually this year for creators that have joined the waitlist on its website The features will help creators monetize in multiple ways, where they can:

Sell digital products
From eBooks to online courses, can be sold easily using SociaBuzz out-of-the-box ecommerce feature.

Create exclusive contents for fans
Creators can offer exclusive contents or early access to their paying supporters. Whether it’s an article, podcast, video, or their latest work.

Accept live stream donations
Streamers on YouTube or Twitch can receive donations and support from their viewers while live streaming, and use various overlays provided by SociaBuzz to make the stream more interactive.

Crowdfund for creative projects
Creators who need capital to help bring their creative projects to life (music, art, film, charity event) can easily do so using SociaBuzz crowdfunding feature.

Receive tips
Creators can give the opportunity for their fans and community to contribute and give monetary support to help them sustain their creative endeavors.

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