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Social Standards Adds TikTok Consumer Intelligence

Social Standards has Structured, Indexed, and Benchmarked the Billions of Daily Authentic Consumer Conversations on TikTok to Create Actionable Insights at the Category, Product, Feature, and Trend Levels
Social Standards

Social Standards, a leading comparative analytics platform, today announced the official addition of TikTok to its consumer intelligence platform. By applying its content structuring technology to TikTok, Social Standards has enabled its customers to analyze the billions of daily conversations across TikTok reliably and efficiently.

With the addition of TikTok, alongside Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, Social Standards now captures four of the major social media platforms. CPG executives and investors who work with Social Standards now have an even bigger strategic advantage as they can access insights for faster and better decision making.

“Gen Z is an analytical focus for nearly every CPG executive and investor,” said Devon Bergman, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Standards, “Gen Z is on TikTok and that’s where you need to be if you want to understand this cohort.” Social Standards estimates that a staggering 62% of U.S. users on TikTok are age 29 and below, compared to 40% on Instagram. Added Mr. Bergman, “By placing our unique lens on TikTok, we are providing our customers with greater insight into the consumer demand patterns of the next generation.”

While social media listening platforms can provide companies with surface-level volumetric data, Social Standards can go deeper into the content of what people are saying by turning billions of conversational data points into benchmarked insights about brands, even drilling down to category, product feature, and trend levels.

Access to Social Standards syndicated cross-platform social media data set allows CPG executives and investors to augment their strategic, operational, and digital insights and drive analytical impact across a wide range of use cases including, but not limited to:

  • Consumer segment definition and enrichment
  • Brand positioning, health assessment, and growth potential
  • Product innovation, development, and optimization
  • Marketing, sales, and pricing
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) pipeline development
  • Brand assessments for private equity or strategic buyers
  • Competitive positioning landscaping
  • Customized brand tracking

Customers at several organizations including Coca Cola, Clorox, Estee Lauder and BCG, participated in the beta program as part of Social Standards development efforts ahead of the launch.

“We were thrilled to be included in the feedback process. Social Standards is already part of BCG’s default toolkit for all things consumer, be it brands, retailers, or M&A,” said Christine Barton, a managing director and senior partner at BCG. “With the addition of TikTok, they continue to deepen their value to our consumer analytics capabilities.”

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