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Solera and STELLA Automotive AI to revolutionize automotive CX

Solera’s latest innovative solution aims to transform automotive customer experience by optimizing operational processes and enhancing customer engagement through integrated, advanced AI technology

Solera, the leader in vehicle lifecycle management, is pleased to partner with STELLA Automotive AI to unveil a new solution, ServiceAgent AI, utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to alter the landscape of automotive customer experiences by streamlining operational processes and improving customer engagement. ServiceAgent AI takes customer service to the next level by allowing service teams to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience instead of mundane tasks, ultimately leading to increased dealership profitability.

The new service boasts a digital voice assistant that enables it to handle multiple inbound service calls simultaneously, 24/7/365, providing unmatched customer accessibility. The system also allows customers to easily book, change, cancel, and confirm service appointments, thanks to integration with the Service Scheduler or Dealer Management System (DMS), making the booking process more efficient and precise.

Partnering with STELLA, Solera’s new ServiceAgent AI incorporates conversational AI that answers car dealerships’ and service centers’ phones. It will enhance customer engagement with personalized greetings and messages based on phone numbers.

ServiceAgent AI provides comprehensive insights into service appointment booking and management system performance and efficiency, enabling service teams to deliver exceptional customer support. Additionally, the new service enhances the overall dealership experience by creating a more personalized and efficient service that provides comprehensive insights into call volumes, handling times, call outcomes, and customer satisfaction scores.

“This new partnership between STELLA and Solera generates a powerful synergy, combining the cutting-edge technology of Stella AI with Solera’s top-notch end-to-end service offerings, all underpinned by a mutual commitment to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction,” states Nicole Case, AVP Global BPO Operations, Solera. “The introduction of Solera’s ServiceAgent AI represents a significant advancement in improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction for our clients. ServiceAgent AI is a game-changer for dealerships and service centers, automating routine tasks and leveraging AI to free up service teams to focus on customers in the bay. By simplifying appointment management and providing exceptional customer support, our service creates a more personalized and efficient service, enhancing the overall dealership experience.”

Solera’s pioneering approach to revolutionizing the automotive industry remains steadfast, evident through its unwavering commitment to excellence. Their top-tier agent training, tailored inbound and outbound strategies, and clear and informative reporting prioritize delivering exceptional service. With an annual influx of 2.2 million inbound and 7 million outbound calls, Solera’s innovative AI technology complements their comprehensive live agent solution, ensuring full coverage for dealership needs.

“This partnership with Solera exemplifies STELLA Automotive AI’s dedication to innovation and driving the automotive industry forward,” declares Stella AI’s CEO, Rich Sands. “By automating routine tasks and streamlining communication processes, they aim to enhance the overall customer experience and boost profitability for their clients. Their state-of-the-art AI platform, Stella, enables effortless connections among Brands, Dealers, and Customers, resulting in significant time and cost savings, as well as an unparalleled guest experience. The benefits of AI continue to expand, and it is exhilarating to see its implementation within the automotive industry.”

Attendees at the NADA Show 2024 Expo, held between February 2nd – 4th, will be one of the first to learn about ServiceAgent AI. Visit Solera’s Vehicle Solutions NADA event page ( to secure a time or stop by Booth #2901W at the Las Vegas Convention Center. See how Solera’s disruptive AI-powered service is set to transform the automotive customer experience landscape by boosting customer satisfaction and profitability.

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