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Solo Stove partners with Simplr

Customers can now enjoy highly personalized and conversational support experiences across a wide array of inquiries

Simplr, a bot-first CX outsourcing solution that offers automation and human agents, and Solo Stove, designers of beautiful, easy-to-use fire pits and camp stoves, today announced the launch of the first chatbot in the outdoor recreation space that is powered by generative AI. The result for Solo Stove customers will be first-rate support experiences across both simple and complex customer service inquiries.

Simplr’s chatbot is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT alongside a set of AI-training parameters called Cognitive Paths that guide the chatbots to the right customer resolution without risk of hallucination. By partnering with Simplr, Solo Stove is able to ensure that every interaction through the chatbot perfectly replicates their brand’s tone and policy guidelines, can engage in complex, multi-turn interactions with customers, and identify the fastest path to resolution possible. Additionally, enterprise-grade security protocols prevent any customer data from being transferred back into any publicly available sources.

“Solo Stove has found continued success through an unmatched devotion to our customers’ happiness and satisfaction,” said Gretchen Mock, Community Support Manager at Solo Stove. “This is in large part driven through our desire to leverage the latest in technological innovation to improve both customer service efficiency and effectiveness. We are honored that our collaboration with Simplr has produced the first generative AI chatbot in our industry and will help raise the bar for customer expectations when it comes to how they interact with brands.”

ChatGPT’s ability to learn and understand language allows it to generate responses that are not pre-scripted. It gives the chatbot the ability to reply with personalized and contextually relevant responses to use in real-time, making it particularly useful in customer service. However, the overwhelming amount of data available to ChatGPT sometimes results in the bot generating incorrect or off-brand responses. Simplr’s Cognitive Paths drastically decreases the overall volume of information available to the LLM-powered chatbot and eliminates the chance of hallucination. For Simplr partners like Solo Stove, this means they can take full advantage of the CX powers of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, while bearing none of the risks.

“We partner with brands who seek to be leaders in their respective industries when it comes to upending customer expectations for the better. Since their founding, Solo Stove has been an exemplar in this regard,” said Eng Tan, Simplr CEO. “We are proud to partner with them to move the entire outdoor recreation space forward when it comes to using generative AI to improve customer satisfaction and time to resolution, and drive greater customer retention and loyalty.”

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