Source Digital Secures Patent to Further Establish Its Leadership

With 10 patents secured to date, Source Digital supports development of uniquely responsive ad tech, empowering a hyper-personalized viewing experience

Source Digital announces the awarding of a patent which solidifies the company’s technology as a Media Environment Driven Content Distribution Platform. Source Digital is an advanced networking technology enabling content creators, video networks, and metaverse properties to amplify revenue funnels by introducing opportunities for brands/product purchases – even sports betting – at just the right moment in a user’s video/metaverse journey, completely agnostic to any device or screen. Now, along with nine other federal patents secured, the company’s additional designation paves the way for a more personalized consumer engagement experience.

“This patent enables us to further customize a user’s data experience inside our platform without cookies, creating an entirely revolutionary way to engage with the content in real time,” says Source Digital Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer Michael Phillips. “We are proud to further establish ourselves as the leading innovator in the e-commerce advertising space.”

This patent enables Source Digital to operate as a MEDIA ENVIRONMENT DRIVEN CONTENT DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM (US Patent No. 10,951,935). As a result, the company can deliver hyper-personalized viewing experiences to the end user by allowing for the extension of information ranging from items on screen like characters, a person’s location, onset items, or music. It also includes contextually-related information, recognizing conditions in the end user’s environment ranging from their location to their moods and the devices they are using. It combines any amalgamation of these points in order to present the user with a relevant intersection of information in the moment, in a way that makes such information relevant and valuable to a particular end user.

Source Digital’s nine other patents include:

  • Three patents related to A CONTENT DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM (US Patent No. 8,363,618; 8,660,959; 8,925,006)
  • Two patents related to AUDIO FINGERPRINTING BASED ON AUDIO ENERGY CHARACTERISTICS (US Patent No. 9,786,298; 10,540,993)
  • Two patents related to SYNCHRONIZING ANCILLARY DATA (US Patent No. 10,397,663; 10,715,879)
  • One patent related to CONTINUOUS DUAL AUTHENTICATION TO ACCESS MEDIA CONTENT (US Patent No. 11,245,883)
  • One patent related to RULES-BASED ANCILLARY DATA (Allowed)

Learn more about Source Digital, offering the first seamless, in-video consumer attribution and purchasing processes that continue to engage the end-user while delivering substantially increased revenue, at Follow @SourceSync on Instagram, @SourceSync_io on Twitter or connect with the tech company on LinkedIn at Source Digital.

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