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Sovrn Signal delivers 10% revenue uplift

Signal dynamic pricing floors proven to increase CPMs and programmatic revenue across multiple SSPs

Sovrn, a publisher technology platform that helps content creators earn and keep more revenue, announced that Sovrn’s Signal product has proven to deliver a 10% revenue uplift. Over a 90-day period starting in December 2023 across 8 billion auctions, with publishers representing 190 domains, testing proved that Signal delivered an unmatched ability to create higher yields, increased CPMs, and greater programmatic revenue across multiple SSPs.

Results included:

  • 10% revenue increase across all programmatic channels throughout the testing period.
  • Increased yield across all ad units versus the control group.
  • Steady revenue uplift even amid traffic spikes, dips, and cyclical demand trends.
  • Yield increase across all programmatic channels, including in Google AdX.

Signal measures the attributes of a bid request and sets the optimal price, then broadcasts and routes it via multiple SSPs to buyers most likely to bid at the estimated market price. Available through a free, 21-day trial, Signal is a simple software solution, priced at a one-cent CPM impression fee. In addition, publishers have the option to bundle the Sovrn Ad Exchange to receive a zero percent take rate on impressions sent through the Sovrn Exchange. Signal is currently available for Prebid activation, with future versions offering dynamic pricing within Google Ad Manager (GAM) and Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM).

Two publishers involved in the testing, Mumsnet and Daily Voice, each saw significant overall revenue increase. Mumsnet, the go-to online community for UK parents with eight million unique users, realized a 21% yield uplift when a floor was present. Similarly, Daily Voice, a digital news platform reaching over two million unique monthly users, also saw a 20% yield uplift.

“A better understanding of our first-party data assets and their value has been the key to unlocking yield success” said Nino Stylianou, head of programmatic yield at Mumsnet. “So many factors play into the challenges of dynamic pricing, which is why we partnered with Sovrn to help us with the heavy lifting. We’re thrilled to continue to strengthen our collaboration with Sovrn, allowing us to elevate our pricing strategies and face the future head-on.”

At its core, Signal is a data decisioning engine that enriches a publisher’s first party data in a privacy-compliant manner with intelligence and insights from the Sovrn Data Collective, the largest source of privacy compliant, open-web behavior data in the world, to understand and generate maximum value from every advertising transaction. Signal is a plug-and-play solution, allowing publishers to capture and activate page-level data without changing their Prebid settings or making any ad server modifications.

“At Sovrn, we are always looking for opportunities to help publishers capture higher revenue from their quality content, which is why we created Signal in the first place,” said Babac Vafaey, vice president of data products at Sovrn. “By embedding robust data intelligence into dynamic pricing, we help publishers maximize their earnings across every programmatic channel and with all their SSP partners in the ad stack.”

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