Events, Meetings & Webinars launches AI Voice Commands for Jira and Trello

Updated integrations to for Jira and Trello bridge the gap for the ticketing process across teams, the AI Project Manager that automates project management tasks for development teams, at Atlassian Team ’24 announced its AI voice command integrations for Jira and Trello. Spinach is an active member of the team on virtual meetings and can be tasked to update Jira and Trello with just a meeting attendee’s voice.

Spinach alleviates the headache of manually taking notes during team or project meetings or sifting through meeting recordings to create summaries, deliver action items, or follow up with individuals. Teams benefit from a reliable agile assistant that is always on time, never misses a meeting, has no human bias, and captures essential meeting details and follow-ups with incredible accuracy.

“Artificial intelligence is becoming more ingrained in the workplace but the capabilities go beyond that of a simple tool – AI is helping workers be better versions of themselves,” said Matan Talmi, CEO of “There’s been a natural inclination to humanize intelligent things and make them more personable. It’s the next step in the progression of human/AI interaction.”

Like any good teammate, Spinach communicates with dev teams in their existing tool set. Spinach integrates with meeting calendars, video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx), messaging tools (Slack), ticketing systems (Jira, Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Linear), and other collaboration tools (Confluence, Notion, Google Docs).

“Spinach connects the dots between team meetings and the Jira project board, and leaves no task forgotten,” said Ron Levy, Chief Product Officer at Bono and former product leader at Atlassian. “The new voice commands make it easier than ever to add tickets to Jira or Trello and save much work after the meeting is over.”

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